Thousands of students from India and different countries have joined the university and have begun their journey with Freshmen Induction 2018. In order to facilitate new students commencing their journey at LPU, freshmen induction is organized where university policies, academics, facilities and campus life are introduced to the students. Many special ice-breaking sessions and activities are held to gear up the students for the coming session and make them comfortable in an environment that’s completely new to them. The induction program that commenced on 20th July will go on till 11th August in which students from different departments like Physiotherapy, Agriculture, Engineering, Architecture, Medical Science and many others will be inducted.

At LPU, the students are encouraged to step forward and indulge in a range of different fields. Illustrative, numerous games and exciting activities that exercise both body and mind were held during the ongoing induction. Students had a great time participating together in slow cycle race, table tennis among many other activities and were also given a chance to give their performance in singing and dancing. Seizing the opportunity to make students more responsible towards the environment, LPU-NSS also gave pet plants to the freshmen.

MDs, CEOs and Industry Leaders Inspire LPU Freshmen
Mr. Manish Jain Director of Human Resource Hyatt Regency, Chandigarh interacting with freshmen during Freshmen Induction 2018

Even though, having fun and playing with friends is a rejuvenating experience for the freshmen, they were reminded of making their career goal and what they are here for through interactions and guest lectures from some of the top CEOs, leaders, MDs from leading companies and organizations who shared their best practices and success mantras with the students. The invited guest speakers included Mr N.P. Chandok, who is the MD of L&B Head CQA Hero Motocorp; Mr Manish Jain, Director of Human Resource at Hyatt Regency, Chandigarh; Mr Jawaid Imam, who is the Vice President at Aristo Pharmaceuticals; and Dr Chander Prakash, who is the CEO of Sangha Seeds. Students from respective related fields gain an insight into the industry standards and can now plan their career accordingly.

MDs, CEOs and Industry Leaders Inspire LPU Freshmen
Mr. N.P. Chandok Managing Director at L&B Head CQA Hero Motorcorp addressing the students during Freshmen Induction 2018

Additionally, students also got the chance to interact with the faculty and dean of their respective departments who introduce them to the academics. All the parents, as well as the students coming from different states and countries, are appreciative of this initiative that is helping sync themselves with the university and the new environment.