You’ve got more than 100 pages to read before the next lecture, along with an assignment to write and workshops to attend that you had to sign up for getting those extra credits. Your legs are in pain from jumping around the campus all day; you are craving that extra sweet milkshake with maybe cheese fries and you realize that all your dreams of eating healthy, sleeping early and having a structured life have gone down the sink. Most of the times you feel like you are just studying and partying. Should I say just partying?

Here are 10 such winged habits of ours we can’t deny have made us a hell lot guilty but we are anyway onto them forever.

  1. Wearing a cap because you are too lazy to wash your hair

Admit it, your hair is greasy and you are not in the mood to put up the work and wash your hair. You see a dusty baseball cap hanging from your door and there you are with a bulb glowing above your head.

  1. Binge watching TV shows

This is something most obvious because everyone does this whether you are a nutty nerd or a glam diva. It is never that you watch episodes of it, it’s the entire season or seasons you have the potential of wrapping up. Eating, sleeping and doing anything else become secondary. It’s just you, your bed and the 5th Season of Gossip Girl.

8 Guilty Pleasures Every Verto is 110% Guilty of

  1. Wearing only joggers or sweatpants

If college students had one rule they could change, it would be to get rid of the starchy shirts or Jeans that sometimes seems a suffocating death. You know that you’re going to look like a hobo or the anime character from that Emo series on Animax, but you just don’t care! Because nothing is better than rolling off of the bed and slipping into a pair of comfy sweatpants for the rest of the day.

  1. Eating an entire pizza yourself

That text you got from Dominos that morning was to blame! You did nothing wrong, trust me.

8 Guilty Pleasures Every Verto is 110% Guilty of

  1. Countless hours of online shopping

Nothing is more relaxing than the sight of anything new or trendy from that online website (of course, until you see the price). It’s like a sight for sore eyes. Scrolling down the entire website, picking out favorites, imagining yourself in that Denim jacket which saddens you as well because it costs more than your monthly budget.

8 Guilty Pleasures Every Verto is 110% Guilty of

  1. Doing nothing at all

You are not sleeping. You are not working. You are not using your phone. Hell, you are not even studying! Staring into the blank with thoughts overpowering your will to perform a single task is a very common dimension we love to get stuck in. Just daydreaming your life away!

  1. Imagining 100 different reactions you could have had in that long passed situation

It might be a week when that boy said something weird to you, all the great answers and expressions are coming to you now.

  1. Taking your laundry with you every time you go home

That white t-shirt has turned yellow and don’t even get me started on my socks. I should be washing them, right? Oh just wait a week, I’ll take them to mom this weekend. Till then, my perfume should help me survive.

8 Guilty Pleasures Every Verto is 110% Guilty of