During the European Economic reform period of 90’s, An English economist Vilfredo Pareto studied the standard living index of Great Britain nations. His notable study erupted an astonishing fact, which is  tabulated as follow,

  • 20% of the population is possessed by the 80% of global wealth.
  • 20% married couples are responsible for 80% divorce filed.
  • 20% clothes are worn 80% of the time.
  • 20% lands cultivate 80% of foods and minerals supply.
  • 20% celebrity receives 80% of global fame.
  • 20% scientists are responsible for the 80% of inventions.

This mathematical research underlined a parameter on which the principle of our is examined. This study was compiled and authenticated as a PARETO PRINCIPLE, commonly known as 80/20 PRINCIPLE, which states that “80% of effects are only due to 20% of causes”.

The 80-20 Principle

As in contemporary society, we were grown up with a cultural mindset fed that,

“MORE is equivalent to BETTER”.

The more we dissipate with input, better will be its output. We have configured our lifestyle as per we are taught and preached. Perhaps, the uncurtained realism denies this axiom convincingly.

The 80-20 Principle

Unknown to our illusional consideration, this 80/20 principle is an application to each segment of our life. The accounted output of our daily routine is nothing but just due to 20% of efforts amongst all inputs we take under application. With deliberate habits, We stride on continuing that processes which will be not responsible for the majority of the outcome. Thereby, end up with the disproportionate result despite asserting to fullest. Hence, here conceal the fundamental of this principle, which maximizes the productivity.

This principle doesn’t teach enforcement to not work or put the things in deadly rest. Rather it encourages us to work on things which give the maximum result. We should concentrate our focus on that 20% input which execute results. The undeniable fact reflects the baseline of our daily calendar.

Resolute with our life in its every page, 80% of happiness and fulfilment come from 20% of people in our life. Then, why not confine ourselves with the peripheral of that qualitised 20% which builds our 80% of character. This principle is variably floated in each evolution and process of our ecosystem. Just as it’s unrecognized, acknowledgement of this truth would result in an immeasurable outcome.

Let’s report that 20% of daily inputs, which results in 80% of the productive outcome. By this, let’s reduce the diameter of our circle with priorities rather than conventional options.