A short boy approaches a tall dude.

Short Boy: “Hey dude, long time no see!”

Tall Dude (suddenly startled): “Wait, what, who’s there?”

Short Boy (waving his arms around): “Dude, down here, it’s me.”

Tall Dude (notices the short boy): “Yo, short dude, what’s up? Sorry man, you’re so short that I failed to notice you earlier. Must suck to be short.”

Short Boy: “Well it kind of sucks. But hey look at the bright side, if the sky comes falling down, you’re probably going to get killed first.”

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Sorry guys for the lame joke, but I needed something to start this article off with. But frankly speaking, each and every one of us, has at least once, in their life, thought about as to what would happen if the sky would come falling down on us. Ever since mankind has come into existence, we’ve been trying to predict as to when the end of days will arrive. We have made countless predictions, each one more daunting than the other. Some turned out be just another hoax while others still prevail in the modern day society.

So what is the answer to this age-old question of “What would happen if the sky ever came falling down on us?” I, for one, have got no idea as to what would happen. It might fall today, it might fall tomorrow, it might fall a million years after our deaths. Mankind has come to terms with the fact everything in this universe has its own expiration date. Mayans predicted this day to occur on 21/12/12, and we all know how that turned out. Several other religions have predicted that the end of this world is inevitable and that everyone will eventually meet their end. I for one agree with the fact that one day, all that we see around us will crumble. But how will it crumble? Now that’s a question which is on a level beyond my intellectual capability.

We all fear death. It is this fear which keeps us alert. It is this fear which has honed our survival instincts and it is this fear which has helped us endure each and every challenge that is thrown at us. It’s pretty ironical that the thing which we fear the most is one of the most hyped up topics in our history. We have made several movies on this so called inevitable doomsday and each of these movies has turned out to blockbusters. We’re so addicted to this topic that we fail to notice the conspiracy theories that we’ve built around it are absolute rubbish. Who knows how this world will meet its end. Aliens might attack us, zombies might eat our brains out, or the earth might crack open and swallow us whole. For all I care, it doesn’t matter.

What would happen if the sky comes falling down?

The end will come when it has to come. We can’t stop it and when it comes we’ll just have to accept the fact that our end is here. We’ve got to stop worrying about the future and concentrate on the present. You’ve got only one life, so live to the fullest. Go out with your friends, have a date with your crush, spend some time with your families and enjoy your lives. As the wise Master Oogway once said in the movie ‘The Kung Fu Panda’, “Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift. That’s why it is called the Present.” If we follow this motto and savor the lives given to us, we’ll surely be able to look death in its eyes and say “Go on, take your best shot”. So enjoy life, cherish it, treasure it, relish it, because you only get one and you better make sure that it’s a life worth living.