Welcome to your second home vertos. Wondering, why would I speak like that?

Tell me one single reason why wouldn’t I call this a home. A place where students are not only molded and built but also a place where dreams of professionals come true. Remember how back in childhood our parents made efforts for us and in some way made always sure that our dreams are fulfilled. Furthermore, this place acts not only just as parents but also home to every budding dreamer who joins this prestigious university.

LPU Campus

Even after spreading in a huge area of over 800 acres, still, there’s not a single corner that doesn’t feel friendly. The day you enroll and enter the university premises you would feel the very moment how beautiful a college can be, what is less here, look around yourself and just point out a single thing that you want in your dream college and you’ll find it all here at one this place itself.

A University That Is Just So Cool

At the entrance of the university, you would witness the sacred national flag waving high in the clear sky and every time you leave or enter the premises, that pure patriot emotions of freedom would run down your spines reminding you of living a life here that you want. Moving ahead, and the Uni Hospital stands tall as a promise to take care of everyone in need. In the center of the university lies the UniHotel accompanied by the Unimall with different hangouts destinations as Dominos, Café Coffee Day, etc. A mall inside a university? Well, don’t get much amazed we are still at the university. Yes, if we are talking about LPU then everything is possible here and everything unreal would not be an imagination anymore.  The DSA (a division of student affairs) is right therein in front of the animal and is a hub for every dreamer. Every hobby, every skill, every wish someone saw once can be mastered here under professional guidance. Then comes the official buildings from block 25-38, where resides the chancellor’s office, the admission block, the spacious and marvelous auditorium and with classrooms. This area acts as a block to the girl’s hostels and the boy’s hostels.

LPU Campus

Apartments, yes there are apartments inside the university just after this which is a residential facility provided by the university for both faculties and students with different places for leisure as the Lovely Bake Studio, The cue lounge (the gaming zone) and many more kiosks for adding some more fun to your sweet evenings. Just beyond the apartments lies Asia’s largest private indoor stadium on a university campus. The indoor stadium has two swimming pools which are prepared for national-level competitions and has the university gym inside too. From the basketball court to cricket grounds, badminton courts to roller skating space, tennis and archery area to American football spaces, everything is here what you need. Wish and portray with your imagination a place for your career modeling and it’s here in LPU.

Safest campus

It’s not just about the studies here, and so the university focuses on the overall development of an individual. And so the name of the university itself reveals about its professionalism and its fulfilling dreams and wishes along too. Come on to live your dream life, because the coolest university is awaiting here to welcome you. And it’s a quote that depicts the university life as- “The whole purpose of education is to transform mirrors into windows” and this university has been doing it in the best possible way always.