The greatest youth festival LPU’s YouthVibe has been setting new records since its beginning. In 2014, this mega campus carnival YOUTH VIBE- 2014 witnessed more than 5000 contestants exhibit the finest talents and skills before a massive audience of 30,000 students. The following year, LPU Youth Vibe-2015 fest became the biggest Youth Festival of the country. This year, LPU’s YouthVibe 2020 is ready to set new records and benchmarks by giving assorted events and competitions to the students to portray their competence.

YouthVibe 2020

On 13th Feb 2020, YouthVibe commenced with a Social Summit that discussed the most substantial issues from various disciplines such as climate change, women empowerment, animal rights, and social entrepreneurship. Speakers with numerous accolades and qualifications were a part of the informative social summit. Ms. Srishti Sharma, an activist in education and women rights spoke about how in the year 2020 the world does not need women empowerment instead women need to realize their potential and leave a mark on the world. Also, she emphasized greatly on not just empowering one section of the society instead of bringing a balance between the genders.

Equity, which is one of the themes of the YouthVibe was brought to light through her idea of bringing equality among all the communities of the society. Moreover, the highlight of the summit was the importance of community service in the life of students to which the speakers suggested that in the journey of learning, one must gain an understanding of giving back to the society. Thus, panelists encouraged the students to identify the problem areas and develop a business around it as that would bring about a dynamic change in the world of community service and business. Students were introduced to social entrepreneurship and how can one establish his own social business. The summit ended at an optimistic note with a stimulating interaction session of the students with the speakers further enlightening them about the important issues addressed in the social summit.

With such a transcendent beginning to the biggest youth festival, YouthVibe has a lot more entertainment and fun in its store. The four-day-long fest will comprise of events of all regards such as sports, theatre, literary, dance, music, lifestyle, social, etc. Students can register at the helpdesks at various locations or on the official website of YouthVibe 2020.

All the participants have anticipated for the fest to begin so they can portray their skills and hard work, therefore, it will be a sight to see and remember the enthusiastic performances by the students. The schedule of all the events is published on the official website of YouthVibe. Non-participants can boost their fellow mates by attending competitions and events. As the YouthVibe 2020 unveils today, the time has come to make the most out of it. Wishing good luck to all the participants and hoping to make the YouthVibe 2020, the biggest and the greatest festival yet again.