Summer Training is an important aspect and as well as an important approach for defining the theoretical knowledge which one is getting in through years from university or college. There is a string of differences when you compare Theoretical Knowledge and Practical knowledge, and to bridge that gap we require summer training.

The first thing which comes to the mind is that where and when to go for that. Though there is actually no fixed time that when one should go for any kind of practical training but the summer vacations are mostly preferred. The reason is that during this time there is a holiday of about 2.5 months and that is quite ample for undertaking the training. The second thing which we face is where to apply. Now basically being an undergraduate student or a postgraduate student you have ample options from which you can choose. But one thing needed to be though carefully before applying is that, that in which sub-domain you want to work. Like there are two things here;

If you want to do higher studies and research, it is quite obvious that getting hands-on experience from the lab will benefit you. Because while working in a lab here in the university the exposure isn’t as that much as one gets while working under some one’s supervision in any lab. Because there the student to teacher ratio basically hangs at around 1:1, 2:1 or even 3:1. Additionally, you get the benefit of working on a certain topic only. This will not only enhance your practical skills but also will enrich your theoretical knowledge in that particular thing. And addition to all, all universities have some kind of restrictions due to various issues like funds or infrastructure, due to which not all systems can be accommodated. Thus working in a lab, one will get access to various instruments and systems, which he/she has read in books only. Various National Laboratories, State Laboratories, Private Laboratories, International Laboratories and Certified Research and Development Laboratories are there where one can go for their Summer Training.

Many labs advertise via newspapers or open their portals, mainly between January to April or in many labs one needs to sent emails or letters to the scientists under whom you want to work.

Now if your approach is for job and industry-oriented, then without any second thought one should go to the Industries and Manufacturing Units for their training. There you will be trained at various parameters of handling the process of production, pre-production, quality control and others. The major approach in the industries is giving insight into production and manufacturing processes. So if you are up to job, this will not only enhance your practical knowledge and approach but will also give you an insight into how to handle things on large scale in accordance with the company policy, demands and others.

The basic way to choose is to choose those companies which are related to your domain and those companies in which you think you have the appropriate knowledge to sustain yourself. Like in a domain only, there would be many other domains too in which various companies work. So choose the one in which you want to work and which excites you. Try to avoid the following crowd.

Unlike Labs they are open round the year, one just needs to contact them for work.

Apart from these entire fiestas, this will also help you to understand that in actual which field you are up to. Many times we from the beginning are thinking and pursuing a particular field, but when we actually work there we are able to understand that is it this thing only where I want to work. Because there is a huge difference between what you perceive and what actually works.