Be it home, hotel or hostel, we require an Air Conditioner on sunny days to fight against the hot and sweating weather. We prefer air conditioners in classrooms also. In hostels, we prefer an air-conditioned room but due to bad luck, financial problems or any other reason we may not get an air-conditioned room.

But you know there are some alternatives or some “to do’s” which helps you stay cool even without an AC room. Through this article, I would like to share some simple cool techniques about “How To Stay Cool Without Air conditioning”.  So, let’s discuss them all and make ourselves cool.

  • Early Morning and late evening walks are always considered to be best in summers. Temperature is comparatively cooler during these times of a day. So, a walk at that time and that too when you are surrounded with pleasant greenery around yourself will make you feel better, give some relief from sweat and will keep you fresh and cool for some hours. After walk take a cold bath and you will feel relieved for the entire day.


  • Make a habit of drinking plenty of water. Dehydration can lead to illness and as said “Prevention is better than cure” so, make a schedule or set a reminder to drink enough water at regular intervals of time. This will not only save you from dehydration instead it will also keep you cool from inside and out. Drinking cold water and washing your face with cold water helps you get rid of the stress and makes you feel restored.


  • Shutting your rooms for longer times will make you feel more suffocated. So, while you are in your room, be it day time or night time try to keep the balcony’s door open. Air needs passage and when we keep the room closed, all the hot air around us will stay in the room and in that way a room can’t be cooled. It is preferred to open the doors to make way for the hot air to get out and to let the cool air inside.


  • There are certain body parts, which are capable of making the whole-body cooler when they are in contact with cold water or wet cloth. So, let’s have a brief idea about them. Areas behind the neck, forearm, wrist, elbow, ankle, and forehead have the capability to reduce the body temperature instantly. So, whenever you feel hot simply put some cold cloth on these parts and feel cool.


  • Plant trees around your place. Trees are very important if the talk comes to fight with heat because they provide you with fresh and cool air every second. So, plant as many trees around your home and workplace and enjoy the cool air every time.

Learn the coolness form the surroundings. Make smart use of electric appliances you have like refrigerators and fans. Just keep yourself cool from inside and feel the refreshing air, because mental coolness drives the physical coolness.