Have you ever dreamt of going to space? I believe most people had this dream of becoming an astronaut. I used to think of this as the only plausible profession to have. Space and stars are the most intriguing things for a child’s curious mind. There are mysteries way beyond what our thinking can comprehend which add thrill to your life. Growing up, it becomes less and less clear what should a person do professionally. The idea of uncovering the mysteries of the universe fades away and we get ready to run in the rat race of the world.

Hexagon Aerospace LPU organized the Space Camp India 2022

Lovely Professional University always tries to make students explore all the avenues of life and get their dreams fulfilled. In a similar effort to revive the curiosity and the ambition of the students, Hexagon Aerospace and Howard Smiles under the aegis of Division of Student Welfare, Lovely Professional University organized the Space Camp India 2022. SCI 2022 was a national-level summer camp for a space-related event where students from various universities and schools were hosted.

Space Camp India 2022 had a lot of activities aiming to rejuvenate the curiosity of young minds and unlock their potential. It was a blend of fun activities as well as learning. It was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. The activities included visits to Science city, workshops like can-satellite, aeromodelling, space robotics, astronomy, drone fabrication, etc. It even had fun competitions like space warriors, prep wings, space quizzes, etc. For the most innovative part, it had squid game and space-themed EDM night for the participants.

The students were thrilled to participate in all these activities. Everyone was full of enthusiasm during all the events. Students from 6th standard to college sophomores, all were participating equally in competitions and workshops. The exposure offered to the students through all the exploration activities and motivational seminar by one of the youngest astronauts in the world was commendable. Students had fun in activities like squid game and space warriors along with learnings in various workshops to fuel their knowledge.

It was truly a spectacle to watch. The coordinators were lively and arranged the events wholeheartedly. As LPU believes in giving the best exposure to the students and transforming education, this was a great step by student organization Hexagon Aerospace to carry forward the legacy.