The aeroplane takes off against the wind, not with it! Aerospace Engineering is a field that involves the research and development of aircraft and its associated technologies. The degree covers a number of related disciplines, all of which are necessary to create a full engineering team. The Aerospace Engineering courses include fluid mechanics, mathematics, software design, propulsion and materials science.

In today’s world, safe and efficient aerial vehicles are a critical part not just for our daily travelling, but for a scientific investigation outside the Earth. This implies that the Aerospace Engineering scope is not just limited to a profession with huge employability, but an exciting line of business to follow too. If you have decided to build an Aerospace Engineering career in India, then you’re at the right place.

Syllabus of B.Tech. Aerospace Engineering

The syllabus of Aerospace Engineering in India as prescribed by universities includes English, Engineering Mathematics, Engineering Physics, Engineering Chemistry, Engineering Graphics, Computer Programming, Aero Engineering Thermodynamics, Numerical Methods, Control Engineering, Elements of Avionics, Flight Mechanics, Propulsion, Rockets and Missiles, Aero Elasticity, Flight Testing and so on.

Scope of Aerospace Engineering

Aerospace Engineers are demanded both nationally and internationally in public and private airline services as well as aircraft-manufacturing units. Initially, these engineers are hired as Junior Engineers or graduate engineer trainees. Based on their performance, they are promoted to a suitable designation. The salary is offered based on the candidate’s experience, skills, the city of employment and type of employer. The job profiles or designations offered to Aeronautical engineers are Aircraft Engineer, Thermal Design Engineer, Aircraft Production Manager and Aerospace Design Checker.

 Why Lovely Professional University?

LPU is featured among the top most universities in India. It offers various aerospace courses namely B.Tech Aerospace Engineering, Full-time PhD in Aerospace Engineering and Part-time PhD in Aerospace Engineering. The university is highly regarded for its diversified, culture, academics and research. LPU works closely with business, industry, governments and international organizations to help students develop the experience they need to excel in their chosen field. Guest lectures, seminars and workshops are organized on a regular basis.