Hey reader! Have you ever felt as ill-fitting among a group of unknowns or ever tagged as ‘The Quiet One‘ by the known ones? If yes, then congrats! You are an Introvert. Google defines ‘introvert’ as ‘shy’. But isn’t that unfair to delineate such a mammoth group of people, with just one simple word? Shy.

Introverts are not the silent ones, their brains are vociferous! How can one say that introverts are voiceless when their minds are already in a debate tournament! Even the neuropsychiatrists have proved that the introverts show higher brain activity, while they are mum. It is rightly said that “the empty vessel makes more sound.However, an introvert’s vessel is overloaded with thoughts, endless thoughts. Here are some traits of a professional introvert :

Creative 24/7 

IntrovertYou have a fertile brain. Always innovative and artistic.

Laconic – you like talking in a nutshell. You ain’t good at taking long to a stranger. Thus, your words are brief and to the point.

Spotlight Syndrome 

Introvert‘I am the centre of attention, everyone’s eyes are on me’, you are cautious about your actions in public.

Ants in Pants – You have anxiety issues in public places. Stage fear is common in some.


IntrovertThe abbreviation stands for ‘Circle of Close Colleagues’. You don’t have a humongous friend circle, you are happy with a few trustworthy mates.

However; there is no such decree stating that an introvert should always have a small CCC- ‘Circle of Close Colleagues. He/she should be amiable with people outside the CCC too. To be honest, in some situations, it becomes necessary to transform into an extrovert. For instance, you can’t qualify an MBA interview with an uncommunicative personality. Thus, some situations demand your extrovert charisma, to get what you want; as no one can decode an unspoken request. And the best way to gain an extrovert attitude is learning the art of making friends. Quality Friends.Not just anyone.

So, here are some tips for introverts to make more quality friends:

  • New zone, New you- at every new place you get a new opportunity to present a neoteric version of yourself, as no person at that place knows that you are an introvert! That novel place could be an; say it be your college, hostel, classroom or even gym. Every untrodden territory is a chance to enhance your personality. As none out there, would judge you for being an introvert back in the past, cause they never knew your times of yore!


  • Esprit de corps- it means ‘group spirit’ One of the best possible ways to open up, to the public, is joining college clubs. These clubs teach you teamwork and teamwork elevates your interaction skills. Even the sports clubs work in the same way, where you make your new squad.


  • Participate in competitions- colleges provide zillion opportunities for the students to showcase their hidden talents and are even supervised by mentor and seniors. Introverts are ‘Creativity personified’ and all they need is confidence. By taking part in various competitions, especially in debates, public speaking and theatre; you leave behind the fear of ‘being judged’ by the public. Their criticism would hardly matter to you, as you would be happy enough with the appreciations of your new mates!


  • A random Helping Hand- a helping hand always receives a thanking handshake. Handshakes initiate a conversation. Conversations are an exchange of thoughts, and if the thoughts match, there is a commencement of friendship! So never skip the chance of being someone’s helping hand, cause you might end up getting your BFF.

Being an introvert isn’t always being unsocial. But in the 21st century, if you chose to live a life of a hermit, people may wrongly label you as a narcissist. So one should be both an extrovert as well as an introvert!