Educational Progress of oneself is vital. It’s just not that, you have to verify your progress with the tests and assessments. You can monitor your progress and work upon it as per the immediate requirement. Keeping data and using it to analyze whilst tracing the timeline is the best way. As my man, Ben Shapiro says, “Facts don’t care about your feelings!”. Data doesn’t lie. Better to analyze, adapt and execute. Here are some ways to keep track of your educational entropy.

  • Daily Commits

Educational Progress

Creating daily tasks and fulfilling at the end of the day is the most efficient way to keep track of the stairs you climb daily. Don’t forget to keep them aligned with the goal, the ‘main test’ you want to appear for. Make sure the to-do list, is as per the equal spread of the course you want to complete.


  • Hourly Task Fulfillment

Educational Progress

Initialize tasks for each hour and execute them. Jeff Bezos keeps track of each hour, about what he just did and how can the next one worth more. Maintain a rough record of each exercise completed successfully, have a table clock handy.


  • Projects Completed

Educational Progress

Count the projects each fall and understand the basic escalation you went through these months, mention and showcase them as per the timeline goes through. “Put a date on it!”. When you have this map, you have a clearer view of what’s been done.


  • Test Scores

Educational Progress

The test scores obviously help you get the numbers rolling down the way. LPU Touch has the interactive sliders and pie charts to give you a crystal clear idea of your marks and grades distribution. It has got great visuals and a minimalist user interface. Test scores are to be kept in check regularly, these aren’t false alarms. Down up the distractions and follow the Pomodoro Technique.


  • Quizzes

Educational Progress

Quizzes are the shortest and the most precise way to understand the conceptual hold on the subject. Take a quiz, note the progress each time with elevated scores. More quizzes, more insights. Quizzes are available on the LPU Touch, for each subject, daily!


  • Tools Online

 Educational Progress

There are various tools online to assist you with record keeping and adapting a habit.

  • MasteryConnect
  • Plickers
  • Google Classroom
  • Trello

But above all, Self-discipline is the only stair to walk with the pace of learning and reaching the paramount through the lines of trackers and tools. No tool can fix the procrastinator’s stagnant state of mind. It should come from within.

“The egg breaks when forced from outside, but creates life, when pushed from the inside!”

So bring that change from within, and follow up the progress in every field, not just education.

Newton’s Law: you gotta push something behind to move forward. The plane is up to fly!



Bonne Chance!