Dear readers, hope you had read the part 1 of this article. If not, I would suggest you read “Best Job Profiles for Introverts-1”. Part 1 contains an introductory paragraph that will help you know if you are an Introvert or not. Secondly, Part 1 is a must-read for students belonging to Lovely Faculty of Technology and Sciences as it will give them a clear idea about the various job profiles available and the average salary related to every job profile.

So wait is over for LFBA and LFBS. Here is a detailed description of jobs that will give you a healthy career growth if you are an INTROVERT.

Jobs for Introverts from LFBS (Lovely Faculty of BioSciences), LPU

  1. Conservation Scientist:

    As a Conservation Scientist, you can spend most of your day at the most peaceful outdoor places of this world. Your work hours comprise of the quietest hours where your job role is to manage parks, forests, flora and fauna reserves and private biodiversity-rich landmarks. And to your surprise, you can earn around $61,810 average salary a year.

Best Job Profiles For Introverts -2

Wildlife Biologist ($60,520), Animal Trainer ($27,690) and Environment Scientist ($60,900) are other potential job profiles you can consider.

  1. Clinical Lab Technician:

    If you hold a degree in B.Sc in Medical Lab Technology or Microbiology you can consider this job role. But!! There is a warning… You can’t tolerate people but here you have to tolerate bodily fluids. Rest testing for various diseases, infections, abnormalities can be done at your own space. For this job, you can earn a good average salary of $61,070.

Best Job Profiles For Introverts -2

Biochemist ($82,180), Dental Lab Technician ($37,680) and Lab-Technologist ($60,000) are some other jobs you can consider.

Jobs for Introverts from LFBA (Lovely Faculty of Business and Arts), LPU

  1. Social Media Manager:

Living a life behind the screen always lures an Introvert who belongs to Business and Arts because they have exceptional Content Curation Skills and they are not anti-social. So just for writing posts, curating content and keeping visitors engaged you can earn an average salary of $81,390.

Best Job Profiles For Introverts -2

Corporate Accounting ($70,000), Market Research Analyst ($62,000) and Actuary ($95,000) are other potential job someone from Business Expertise can join.

  1. Political Scientist:

    If you are interested in research and analysis of government policies and trends you can become a Political Scientist. It is the best job role for an introvert as you can find a comfortable place and make a good research. With a Master’s degree or a PhD, you can earn a median salary of $100,000.

Translator ($87,000), Librarian ($70,000) and Baker ($65,000) are some other jobs that can help you earn well at your comfort.

Now the most favourite job role you would love to do if you are LAZY and an Introvert too:

NETFLIX WATCHER: Yes, You heard it right!! NETFLIX hires people as Full Time “Taggers”. They have to watch its streaming content and make hilarious tags for the content.

Best Job Profiles For Introverts -2

So being an Introvert is a boon if you can enjoy these perks.