Youngsters these days face a boatload of health issues, one of them being backache attributable to hours spent penning notes, attending lectures, or simply watching movies. In a survey, researchers allege that 57.9% of university undergraduates were tormented by backache during their time at the university. However, backaches originating from lifestyle issues can effortlessly be rectified by implementing easy-peasy magic bullets. By comprehending the source of your pain and countering it with a few easy remedies, you can live pain-free and focus more on your work. With copious amounts of folks suffering from backache, it is no bombshell that there are a ton of fallacies floating in the air. Here are a few myths debunked for you:

(1). Exercise intensifies backache

One of the most glaring oversights is that exercise must be eschewed as it aggravates backaches. Exercise doesn’t exacerbate backache! In lieu, it soothes backache up to an extent. Exercise succors by stretching and strengthening the muscles of your back, which sequentially stabilizes your spine, offering enhanced back support. Gentle exercise is definitely going to help! However, if you are doing your exercise wrong, that’s an entirely different mare’s nest.

(2). Lying on the bed is the best thing you can do to your back

This could be one of the most common fallacies floating in the air. Lying down on a bed can actually flatten out the natural curvature of your back, which inevitably can cause your backache to flare up. That’s why folks who don’t usually experience backache twine about back flare-ups while staying in bed for too long! Sleeping too much often makes your back muscles lose their brawn, which in turn exasperates your existing predicaments.

(3). Backache equals sciatica

Backache is common and doesn’t necessarily imply that you have an ailment. It can arise from habitual activities like sleeping too much, lifting heavy matter, poor posture, etc. But, the pain and flare-ups associated with sciatica, displaced discs, or stenosis are in a league of their own. So, start taking preventive measures now!

(4). Doctors have one solution surgery

No, don’t be delusional, really? Surgery is an extreme option. Most backaches can be rectified using noninvasive superficial therapy. Perhaps, physiotherapy is what most doctors recommend, and most of the time, people end up feeling better. However, success inevitably depends on your adherence to their instructions.

(5). Stress has nothing to do with your back

You might be thinking stress is only limited to what happens in your brain. On the contrary, your emotional state is directly proportional to your physical well-being. Stress causes a spike of cortisol in your bloodstream, which is also known as flight or fight hormone, leading to muscle twitching, which consequentially exasperates your backache.