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Backache fallacies debunked!

Backache fallacies debunked!

Youngsters these days face a boatload of health issues, one of them being backache attributable to hours spent penning notes, attending lectures,...
Beating that bloat

Beating that bloat!

Have you felt a little puffy post the weekend binge? Have few rounds of weekend mimosa ever made you give up your...

A student guide to deal with Brain fog

Most people consider Brain fog as a medical condition which is a misconception. In actuality, brain fog is a symptom that results...
Habits That Help You Sharpen Your Concentration1

Habits That Help You Sharpen Your Concentration

Getting good and productive results of any work can be achieved by being focused and paying attention while working, but we all...

Healthy Foods Right Before You

The very concept of healthy and nutritious food triggers our imagination wherein we picture them rarely available expensive food but we often miss out...
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Bad Health Habits Commonly Developed in College

Entering college is the first step to lead an independent life for most of us. It is the time when we are...