Social Media, newspapers, and media outlets are bombarded with the news of the breakout of the Coronavirus. The World Health Organization has declared the outbreak of the Coronavirus in China as an endemic with the potential of being a future pandemic disease. But the question that hangs among most of the people is what is this and why the whole world is so concerned about it. So, let us understand bit by bit and we’ll also look at how to prevent it.


On 31st December 2019, Chinese authorities notified WHO regarding an outbreak of the pneumonia-like disease in the city of Wuhan in Central China. Following this, on 1st January 2020, the Chinese authorities identified the seafood market of the Wuhan as the primary hotspot of this outbreak. Swift action was taken and the city of Wuhan and Hubei province was closed down from the rest of the world to prevent the outbreak. Till the 9th of January, the whole world was clueless about the causative agent before being notified by WHO that a novel Coronavirus of an unknown origin as the causative agent of this disease. The first fatality to this disease was reported on 11th January 2020. Between 11th January to 20th January 2020 about a hundred more cases were reported in China only with further being reported independently from Macau, Thailand, Taiwan, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, France, South Korea, Australia, United States, Nepal, Canada, Vietnam, and Hong Kong. Till now 2092 cases are reported with 56 fatalities.

What Is Coronavirus?

The first and foremost thing which comes to everyone’s mind is what this coronavirus is. A coronavirus is a group of virus that causes diseases in mammals and birds; like diarrhoea in cows and pigs and upper respiratory infections or gastrointestinal infection in birds. In humans, this virus causes respiratory infections which may be lethal. And till now no vaccines or antiviral drug is there for this disease. Before this endemic, about six strains of this virus was known, but after this endemic along with the Novel Coronavirus found in China, there are seven such strains with almost no knowledge about its origin or its pathogenicity.

Transmission Of The Virus

Though till now not much is known about this virus, the primary information reveals that the transmission of this disease has happened from animals to humans. Since the Wuhan’s Sea Food Market was the hotspot of this outbreak, thus information revealed from various researches claims that this outbreak is either via Bat or Snake or via an intermediate host like Bird or any mammal to the humans. Yet its actual source is yet to be identified but scientists are suggesting that Chinese Banded Krait and Chinese Cobra are the two sources from where this virus has originated.

From Human to Human the transmission is through aerosol or through close contact like sharing or using the same personal items.

Symptoms Of The Disease Caused By This Virus

It takes at least 7 to 14 days after the exposure to show the symptoms. The symptoms mainly are:

  • Fever (Mild to High)
  • Dry cough
  • Shortness of breath
  • Fatigue
  • Respiratory distress

Prevention And Treatment

Though till now no reported cases of Coronavirus have been reported in India but as a precautionary measure, authorities are taking constructive steps like putting people under observations and others. Well, how you react under such circumstances and how you influence others is the main thing.

  • If you find any such symptoms, don’t just let it away as a common cold. Letting it away can be the first chain reaction of the outbreak.
  • Isolate the person first and then consult the doctors or medical professionals as soon as possible.

Preventive Measures

  • Wash your hand properly with soaps for at least 20 seconds and maintain personal hygiene to the best.
  • Try avoiding contact with sick people.
  • Cover your sneeze and cough and properly discard the tissues in the dustbins.
  • If you are sick then try avoiding outside contact.
  • Do not touch anything without washing your hands.
  • Don’t touch any unwanted thing.
  • Avoid contact with animals (dead or alive).
  • Avoid going to Animal Markets or Fish Markets.
  • Avoid eating Meat or Non-Veg food.
  • Try avoiding travelling while you are sick.
  • Use masks while you are at any public place or at any crowded place.
  • If using mask then use KF94 type mask or N95 type mask.
  • Try avoiding China and other areas where there is a Coronavirus outbreak.

If you are travelling then make sure you are following the above-given measures. Till now, there is no treatment is available. Thus, we must make sure that we are at least in a defensive position.