Ever thought how much top average time MNC’s and tech firms spend on each resume while hiring people, only 6 seconds. Yes, it’s shocking but that’s the duration in which your overall image and impression are created in the mind of HR. And among thousands of applications, a single silly mistake can ruin your hard work and create misconceptions about you.

Below mentioned points are the common mistakes that must be avoided while applying for different jobs.

1. What You Have Accomplished Vs What You Have Done

Resume MistakesUsually, freshers or employees get excited while making a resume and puts all the things together that they have done until now. You need to be straight forward and specific, write down your victory and achievements in the field rather than writing about the whole field. Like getting great grades while doing certification or creating particular revenue while working in a different type of sales team of the company. Also, try to include small but effective keywords to express your effort in fields.

2. Unusual Relation Between The Profile And Work Experience

Resume MistakesAs mentioned above everyone includes a lot of things in their first resume, but remember the company just looks over your experience in different fields they are not deeply interested in those. So, try to write relevant experiences according to the profile you are applying for. Working as a computer scientist is good but explaining it while applying for marketing jobs is a bad idea. Try to focus on the required profile and write similar achievements and successes.

3. Unpaid Works

Resume MistakesYou should go in-depth with unpaid internships and jobs. Try to write them up in the experience section rather than in the achievement section. Most of the freshers think that if they didn’t get paid for something or done something for non-profit, they can’t add it as experience, but companies see it differently. They think that if your work is meaningful through which you have learned some skills that are required for the current profile, then you should mention it briefly whether it is paid or not.

4. Designing The Usual Way

Most of the resumes are designed in a simple-looking old format. Font size 11, Times New Roman these were the old criteria. Remember most companies have no such rules regarding the design of your resume. Even many companies get impressed and acknowledge employees for creativity in resume. Try to design your resume according to profile, add clipart for defining your hobbies, don’t include solid borders, choose a two-color combination and elegant font styles.

5. Lacking Personal Website

Resume MistakesMost of the CV doesn’t include a personal website because most of the employees don’t know the power of it. A personal website boosts your CV and reflects you as an aware person. It shows that the employee has gone in-depth in his field and thus made an open profile showing the world his capabilities. Try to write articles and research works on your website to show your projects and experience briefly. Create your website as soon as possible and add it along with personal details like mobile number and email.

6. Same CV For All Vacancies

Resume MistakesUsing the same CV for different types of vacancies in the same company or even is a different company is a bad idea. If you are a computer scientist and applying for an android developer and a data scientist post simultaneously, then keep the core achievements the same but change the format and priority of experiences in the CV. Try to make it profile oriented every time even if you haven’t done varieties of things in those fields.