Engineering is getting more diverse than ever with new and exciting courses and so are the opportunities after engineering. Do you know that by 2028, India will overtake Japan to become the world’s third-largest economy? Central Government’s ambitious projects like Digital India, Start-Up India are another prod to rising opportunities for engineers. This is especially true for skilled graduates who have acquired sufficient experience and knowledge through part-time jobs and internships during graduation for which the college you choose plays a crucial role.

Now it comes down to choosing which engineering branch is best for you. Almost all engineering branches take you on a road full of opportunities, the real question is deciding which branch of engineering are you passionate about. After deciding what you love the most, you can consider parameters like salary, growth opportunities, industry environment and, future prospects. Here’s a quick insight of what each engineering branch has to offer.

1. Computer Science & Engineering/IT:

Every organization or company requires to be present digitally, be it banks, hospitals, education, or railways. Computer Science and Information Technology are one of the most evergreen professions and will continue to rise in the years to come.

computer science - best engineering branch

Computer Science deals with understanding computers, computer networks, programming, mobile applications, operating systems and artificial intelligence. Besides keeping up to date with classes and lab work, these days, it a requisite to acquire professional skills pre-hand through internships, on job training and certifications that make B.Tech CSE and B.Tech IT students gain acumen in their field and be readily employable.

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2. Mechanical Engineering:

WIth advent of high-end machinery that optimise and blend the best of engineering technologies like mechanical, electronics, computer, communication and control system engineering, courses like B.Tech Mechatronics are being increasingly opted.

Additionally, with an increase in FDI by the central government, the industry is seeing a boom. Leading newspapers like The Economic Times and The Hindu have predicted and a definite increase in demand for automobile engineers in coming years.

B.Tech Mechanical Engineering teaches students about the application of Physics for inventing technology that benefits the society. Students with B.Tech in ME can also seek employment in Government organizations like Metro projects, Railways, National Highways, Defence Forces, SAIL, BHEL, etc.

3. Electrical & Electronics Engineering:

Electrical and Electronics Engineers are equipped with the acumen to develop, test and repair electrical and electronic equipment like radar, electric motors, transistors, transformers, VLSI devices, etc. The field has several courses to offer like B.Tech in Electrical and Electronics Engineering and B.Tech in Electronics and Communication Engineering.

Employers that seek out electrical and electronics engineers are equipment manufacturers, aerospace sector, automotive industries, power generation government organizations.

Electrical and Electronics Engineers can secure jobs in R & D, Quality Check or Production department of a company.

4. Civil Engineering:

Civil Engineers are the minds behind the modern high-tech cities of the future that can accommodate high population and serve the best of facilities to their residents. From Metro trains to high-rise buildings, a civil engineer needs the best of acumen in Mathematics and strategy. Civil engineers can secure high paying and progress driven jobs in construction firms, gov’t organizations like DMRC, Railway, NHAI, BRO, etc.

Civil Engineering (B.Tech) has wide scope in a number of construction firms and at the same time promises gradual growth up the career ladder. Making good links and maintaining high efficiency allow civil engineers to reach managerial posts and rise in their career. Some of the notable civil engineers in India include Dr E. Sreedharan who is also known as the “Metro Man” and is the mind behind Delhi Metro.

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5. Aerospace Engineering:

Aerospace Engineering is one of the most exciting fields that involves development, research and construction of aircrafts, missiles, satellites, aeroplanes, fighter jets, etc. They design high performance and efficient aircrafts keeping in mind multiple factors from streamlining of body and aerodynamics to using light weight alloys with high tensile strength.

aerospace engineering - best engineering branch

Aerospace Engineers can opt for jobs in the aviation sector and defense sector. Some of the government organizations that seek aerospace engineers are HAL, ISRO and, DRDO. Aerospace Engineers also have a good scope abroad with manufacturers of aircrafts and aircraft parts. India is looking forward to making indigenous air carriers and has ambitious projects like “antrix” which can give an opportunity to Aerospace engineers to make a contribution to this glorious field.

6. Chemical Engineering:

B.Tech in Chemical Engineering presents a wide range of scope in industries like oil and petroleum industries, mineral processing industries, pharmaceutical industries, fertilizer industries, etc. The job of a chemical engineer is to scrutinize the processes of producing certain chemicals, finding ways to increase production efficiency, making of equipment that yield these chemicals, etc.

Chemical engineering - best engineering branch

B.Tech Chemical Engineering graduates can also find jobs in the government sector with companies like IOCL, BPCL, ONGC, etc. Chemical engineers can secure jobs in R & D, Quality Check or Production department of a chemical manufacturing company.

7. Biotechnology Engineering:

As per the latest predictions as per government websites, India is soon to be a hotspot for Biotech Industry. It is predicted that by 2025, India’s biotech sector will grow by 30.46 CAGR and India is one of the 12 best biotech destinations of the world and also ranks 3rd in the Asia Pacific region. Biotechnology is really vast and contains a number of fields including healthcare, agriculture, disease control, food technology, food processing, nutrition and dietetics, animal husbandry and lot more.

Biotechnology - best engineering branch

In fact, there are also a number of courses available in Biotechnology, more than any other field. Some of these courses are B.Tech Biotechnology, B.Tech Biomedical Engineering and, B.Tech Food Technology.

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