Phrases like “just pass out from your school once, and you’ll have full fun in college, the struggle days would be over as you will be settled in one particular field” etc. don’t make sense anymore, do they? Being college students, we know how the things that used to relieve us then are absolutely untrue! College gives as much stress as you got in school and maybe more because here is when the constant will to perform well and outperform others, to grab opportunities at a chance are for real!

And why is college stressful? If you are a fresher and reading this article, you might have already got a taste of what being in college feels like even if you are not physically present there, it has nothing to do with the amount of pressure the students are in. Regular assignments, CAs (Continuous Assessment), and presentations that too online are hectic enough to not allow you to leave your laptops or mobile phones for the whole day. It becomes so much that even breathing feels like the only relaxation you may have! Sounds weird, right? But I guess, many students will have my back in this! The struggle days aren’t gone, the struggle has just begun and a load of responsibilities and expectations of building your career makes things worse in many cases.

So, what to do? You can’t simply skip the most important phase in your life as we all know this is the period which gives you the best of friends, the best of memories and lessons and much more. Let’s find out how to handle and manage everything!

Have enough sleep

Everyone says this but I’ll still mention it because many of us are doing assignments till late at night that it eventually turns into morning and causes huge changes in our sleep hormones, affecting our body and its metabolism. So, make sure you sleep at least 8 hours a day.

Listen to music

A cup of coffee, peaceful environment, and headphones/earphones with light music feel heavenly, doesn’t it? And it is a great stress booster too! Do keep half an hour in a day to give yourself a break and it surely feels like meditation!

Hang out with your friends

Is it even something to mention? Have your friends around? GO! You don’t know what a treasurer you are to have them around as we know the real heartbreak of not being able to meet our friends and not even having the hope of meeting them again. If you have that chance, utilize it and make the best memories with zero regrets!

Share what you feel

If you feel stressed out to a big extent, then don’t hesitate to say what you feel to your close ones, whether friends, family, relatives, or your neighbors. Anyone can become a guide and motivate you to bring you out of it, so, do share!

Enjoy your college days, don’t stress much, try to make out of the days as much as you can as these come once in a lifetime and stays within to cherish forever!