The School of Electronics and Electrical Engineering, LPU represented Cameroon, a West African country, also known as “Africa in Miniature” because of its geological and cultural diversity. Cameroon has widespread industries in the South and vast agricultural farms in the North. The stall at the event creatively demonstrated the Reunification Monument, which marks the post-colonial merging of British and French Cameroon. Showing the dependence of 70% of the population’s dependence on agriculture, they also demonstrated the cultivation of the Sugarcane, Millets, Cocoa, Maize and Cassava crops. The Song Loulou Hydroelectric Power Plant, located on the most important river in Cameroon, the Sanaga in the Edea city was an attraction in the Cameroon stall. The Cameroon National Football Team, one of the most successful ones in Africa, was also a significant aspect.