“Do What You Love And Love What You Do”, is a very common saying we all have heard. Today I am going to write about 5 fields that you as a book lover can choose to turn your hobby of reading into a career path!


5 Career Paths For Book Lovers
Writing blogs means you have to have a considerable amount of knowledge of the subject you are going to write about and to gain that knowledge you need to read a lot related to it. Even if you want to write about fashion, you’ll first have to read various magazines related!

You can write freelance or you can apply for jobs at a well-established blog. Also, many bloggers get inspired by reading someone else’s blog.


5 Career Paths For Book Lovers

“A teacher and a book can never be parted”

Whether you are a professor, school teacher or even a tutor, you’ll have to be prepared for the plans of the next day. You’ll have to read to make sure no point is left as students can ask anything. Not only syllabus related books but also extra books of your field to enhance your as well as your student’s knowledge.

You’ll have to prepare extra activities which might involve a lot of reading and comprehension skills in which your love for books will come handy.

Proofreader and Editor

5 Career Paths For Book Lovers

A lot of people get confused between a proofreader and an editor but let me clarify they have different jobs! “A proofreader is someone who checks the error and an editor is someone who corrects them.”

Both the jobs include an ample amount of reading. You can only be good at these jobs if you have good language command and skills which comes from a lot of reading. These jobs pay really well, so if you have a habit of reading you can actually make a lot of money out of it.

Journalist/ Copy Editor

If you are someone who reads like everything, being into the field of journalism is the best way to use your reading skills. Journalism requires a lot of reading and someone passionate about reading can be a journalist easily.


5 Career Paths For Book Lovers

Ancient Books and manuscripts are a huge source of past and someone who loves to read can surely be a really good historian as he’ll get plenty of things to read and decode. A person who is very keen to gain knowledge about our ancestors should definitely go for this career path.

Someone has rightly said,” If you love your work, if you enjoy it, you‘re already a success.”

If you love reading, you should convert it into a career path! Other than these, there are tons of other fields like content writing, author or maybe article writing which might interest a book lover. These are some fields which require a lot of reading!