The gaming industry is something which has expanded by double speed than any other industry in last year. Generally considered as something only for entertainment, the gaming industry is providing a lot of opportunities for building a career.

Indian parents don’t have a supportive attitude towards gaming and scope in this industry, but things are now getting easier as society accepts the growth, progress, and achievements in this sector in the last 2 years. So, if you are interested in gaming then here is a list of career options you can pursue to live your passion.

Professional Gamer

gamingProfessional gaming is one of the best ways to exhibit and work on your gaming skills. If you find yourself a decent player in any of the multiplayer games like CSGO, DOTA, Fortnite, PUBG, Mobile Legends or any other then start participating in challenges and quest. Various worldwide competitions like CSGO and Fortnite world championship has the winning amount of $1 million and above. You can also start your streaming channel and get sponsorship from big brands.


gamingNow if you are interested in gaming but don’t have skills of a professional gamer, you can pursue the technical or backend things, the game designer is among those important posts. The designer has the duty to designs the levels, surroundings, weapons, details, rules, skills in a detailed manner and draw the content. They make the programmers, creators and all other engineers visualize these things with their imagination. In simple words, they create a blueprint of the game which helps the rest team to work on.

Concept and Content Writer

gamingIt is also the most important post in the gaming industry because any game sales and popularity are dependable on the concept and story of the game. The concept writer is just like a movie writer on whose story the whole thing is created. The more interesting, thrilling, surprising story will be, the more people will get connected with the game. If you’re good at creative thinking you can go for this post. You can pursue game designing or any literature course for this job.

Visual Creator

gamingThe visual creator is like a sculptor of the game, his duty is to make the characters, surroundings and every other thing similar or more perfect like the designer has thought. The shadow effect, texture details, field depth, and other things. You need skills like Unity/ Unreal Engine game designing, 3D/ 2D modelling, Adobe illustrator and sometimes Photoshop. These jobs require BCA, Bachelor’s or Master’s in Computer Science, Game Development, Animation, and modelling.

Developer and Sound Engineer

gamingThis is the most technical part of game development. If you love computer science, mathematics and programming you will surely love this work. Here the coders need to write the computer programs which will functionalize the game. They use conceptual thinking and algorithms to combine the work of Designer, Visual Creator, and Content Writer, fix the lags, fill the missing parts and test the game in a real environment. Sound/ Audio engineers are also required to create an impactful experience. These posts require a Bachelor’s or Mater’s in Sound Engineering or Computer Science Engineering and Game Development.