Lovely Professional University invited certified ethical hacker Rahul Tyagi for a seminar on Cyber Security Awareness. The students attending the seminar gained insights into cyber security and ethical hacking. The seminar was jointly organized by LPU School of Computer Applications and LPU Start Up School.

Mr Rahul Tyagi informed the students about the best practices one should adopt when online and how they can prevent cyber attacks. He shared how hackers can access personal information even when one has formatted their mobile phone or laptop. He especially advised girls on how they can save themselves from breach of privacy on the internet. The students too asked him very intriguing questions related to cyber security.

Mr Tyagi is an alumnus of LPU who graduated from the university in 2011. He is the founder and vice president of the company, Lucideus, which provides digital security consulting and operational services. His company also gives certified training in ethical hacking to students. Not only this, Mr Rahul Tyagi shared that LPU students carry an immense potential and he always prefers LPU students when it comes to hiring employees in his company. He shared how MCA students can make a successful career in ethical hacking. In fact, he was accompanied by some of the LPU students who are employees at his company.

Lucideus is a trusted name in providing cyber security solutions. It has provided services to many renowned brands like HDFC, RBI, Indigo and many more. Hacking is a crime that brings disgrace to humanity and brotherhood. With advancements in technology, the hackers too are becoming more adept at committing such crimes for personal benefit. In a scenario where internet forms the backbone of the society, ethical hackers help the common man to stay safe on the internet. Brands like Lucideus help keep the world safe and secure from such menaces on the internet.