Friendship didn’t simply end within the campus for a group of LPU alumni from Nagaland. They went home, got together, spent almost a year of intensive brainstorming and came out with a firm called Chilpaufe Design Consultancy (CDC). CHILPAUFE, pronounced as chill-puff, is an acronym of civil, handicrafts, interior design, landscape, product design, architecture, urban planning, furniture and electrical/electronics.

The firm is an endeavour of five technical persons from various fields like Interior and Furniture design, Architecture, Civil engineering, and Electronics & Electrical engineering. The firm consists of Neikemhiezo Rupreo (Director of the firm, who formerly also taught in LPU School of Architecture and Design),   Ar. Rokovituo Kotsu (Managing director), Id.  Moianla Jathy (Head of the Interior Department), Er. Vikono Zinyii (Head of Civil Department), Er. Lhuveyi Medeo (Head of EEE Department) and Er. Vepetso Koza (Civil, Site engineer). They are all working as full time in the firm.

With its firm based in Kohima, the team is very optimistic that Nagaland being a developing state, the technical demands in various fields are feasibly progressing. The firm is taking projects depending upon the technical strength of the firm and the productivity of the project. The firm had already worked for interior residential designs and institutional blocks.

Currently, they are engaged in projects of designing residential and religious structures as well as residential landscape designing. They also have some few projects of about 8000 square feet, in the built-up area, both in residential and commercial sectors. The firm is growing at full tilt and at the present capacity they can take up projects of building about 30000 square feet built-up area.

In the initial, starting from designing and constructing the firm, they made it all by themselves, be it manpower or financial assistance, by devoting about 15 hours a day, with the exception on Sundays, for long 5 months. They believe that the firm which came into existence on April 17th, 2019 is because of the commitment, persistence, encouragement from family & well-wishers and the guidance and blessings from above, God. They are dedicated to exercise dignity of labour, to be self-dependent and bring changes in the society with the motto “Design to achieve” by exploring and learning from one another.

Talking about the education environment in LPU, they felt satisfied that the university gave them practical experiences and platforms for growth and development of technical knowledge, skills, and personalities, along with the classroom teachings. In the coming 5 years, they plan to take up and explore design at national and international level.