In today’s world, we are focused to keep our brain growing in terms of knowledge. We keep exercising our brain with exams. To reward our brain, we appear for certain competitive exams to get a job, scholarships, and research grants. This mind-obsession make us forget our body. We neglect our physical health to an extent.

Every university involves sports in their curriculum. However, the credibility and importance of physical health adhere only with the students who are pursuing their degree in physical education. Other students are not encouraged to participate in sports tournaments.

But while talking to my friend Sourav Sharma who is pursuing his M.Com from Lovely Professional University, I discovered that LPU has a completely different approach towards promoting sports and encouraging students to participate in sports.

Here is what Sourav talked about the sports culture at LPU:

  1.    How did your journey start at LPU?

I am a Korfball player, and I had participated in various state and national tournaments. Before joining LPU, I had never thought of joining a private university for my Master’s Degree. Reason being high tuition fees and living cost. My friend suggested me to join LPU and told me about the benefits and scholarship I can receive on the basis of my sports performance. I visited LPU, and I was amazed by the infrastructure. After that, I went for the counselling session, and I was impressed by the benefits I would receive. As I hold a Gold Medal in Senior National Korfball Tournament, I was offered with Full Tuition Fee Wavier with residential facilities and mess facilities at zero cost. So I joined LPU without any second thought, and I am glad that I am part of this university.

  1.    What do you think about sports Infrastructure offered by LPU?

LPU Sport’s Infrastructure is really impressive. University is just not providing the best academic amenities, it is also equally concerned about sports. We are provided with a well-maintained Football pitch, Cricket Stadium, Badminton Court, Shooting Range, Squash Court, Volleyball Court, and all other facilities that required for the practice. The newly build Indoor Stadium has all the modern amenities like Olympic sized Swimming Pool. Also to promote a healthy lifestyle, LPU has gyms available at various girls and boys hostel. Coaches and trainers are very supportive and provide the student with the best training.

  1.    How LPU contributed towards your success and victory at various Korfball Championships?

For the recent tournament of AIU Korfball Championship held at Pune, our Korfball team was provided with the exclusive training for one month. We won the Bronze medal in AIU. Afterwards, we got an opportunity to compete for the Federation Cup and grabbed Gold Medal. LPU contributes to my success in many ways. It provides the best infrastructure, intensive first class-training, and coaching every day. Yes, we practice even when there are no tournaments because sports is about physical training and strength. LPU believes in long term approach because the short-term approach doesn’t give you results in sports.Sports

  1.    A new session is about to start, so what is your tip for students interested in sports?

Sports are as essential as our studies are. If you do not want to play sports for medals, play it for your health as a hobby. At least join a gym or a yoga class to include some physical activity in your day to day life. If it is very hard to start with start off with a brisk walk. You will also perform well in your academics if you play any sport. For student-athletes, I would like to say that LPU is providing you with the best facilities. Make the best use of these facilities and the day will not be far when you will win medals in the Olympics. Your parents will be happy when you have free access to a degree due to your sports and fitness test qualifications. They will be proud of you when you will win National and International Medals. Have a passion for sports, dare to dream and go off beat. Everyone is attending classes from 9 to 5. What you are doing after 5 p.m is what will make you different from them!