The stage where great personalities, from lawmakers, academicians, entrepreneurs, sports & film stars to Nobel laureates stood, Lovely Professional University shares the same stage to enthral the minds of thousands of music lovers. This is how, at LPU, the opportunities in various fields are brought closer and let their students have first-hand experiences.

Amit Trivedi

The popular and much loved Coke Studio concert, which rarely happens anywhere else, has already made its presence three odd times at Lovely Professional University (LPU). These appearances at LPU is the highest concert appearances that the Coca-cola backed Coke Studio had ever made at one location. It may be mentioned that the Coke Studio had started the concert version after the Second Season of the then only-televised and live-recorded television programme in December 2013.

Amit Trivedi

Striking the trend, 2019 is another year when LPU has enriched the musical experience of Coke Studio for its students and faculties in the early part of November. This year’s event was entertained by well-known artists Amit Trivedi, Meghna, Dawinder, and Arun.

The second event in 2016 was no less. Tens of thousands of crowds gathered for the musical evening and as the climax reached, the thrilled-crowds enjoyed with moves in tune with the music as much as they could do.

Gurdas Maan and Diljit Dosanjh performing at LPU today (1)

India’s famous faces of folk music, Gurdas Maan and Diljit Dosanjh were the artists who entertained the crowds with their fabulous performances. The first event collaborating with the Coke Studio in the university campus began in 2014, where a fusion of folk genre with modern music was tuned into the ears of hungry and passionate crowds. Best known folk music artists Sona Mahapatra and Ram Sampath enthralled the lively crowds. The elevated duo-artists, after the performance, made a staring remark with extreme happiness that the people have accepted folk music by lifting it to newer heights.

From its home studio in Mumbai to frequent appearances in Punjab of Northern India, Lovely Professional University is being shaped to be the second home of Coke Studio India!