The student life is a crucial period that teaches us important life lessons. We can learn, explore and develop our personality. This period is all about learning and performing various activities that help us to acquire useful skills. Along with our studies, below are some of the activities we should do to enhance our skills.

Reading good books and novels

Reading books and novels helps us to develop our vocabulary, besides gaining lots of knowledge. Books and stories give you inspiration and positive ideas. Apart from this, if you become a habitual reader, you will be able to read and understand your course books easily. If you love to read lots of books, novels, magazines, etc., the LPU’s Central Library is for you where you can read quietly.


Just like reading, you should write numerous articles or essays to improve your writing skills. Perhaps, writing a diary is the best thing you could do. People who write regularly are extremely organized. As they say, the more you write, the more you memorize. You should take part in the various poem and story writing competitions held in LPU to enhance your writing skills.

Be active in sports


Just like academics, sports play a very important role in a student’s life. With mental fitness, physical fitness is also required. You should take part in sports as it will not only make you physically stronger but also make you mentally active, smart, and confident. That’s why our university focuses much on sports and has provided us with various facilities such as indoor stadiums, huge playgrounds. If you love to play any sport, then do utilize the resources you get on campus.

Take part in various co-curricular events

LPU keeps organizing lots of co-curricular events for us so that we can take part and showcase our talent to the world. You must take part in such events because frankly speaking, after this college life, you may not get enough time or such opportunities. So friends, trust me, these all are golden chances where you can do whatever you want.

You should connect with the DSW (Division of Student Welfare) where you can learn anything of your interest like dance, music, theater, and many more, free of cost, and who knows, maybe you’ll be the next superstar.