The ongoing coronavirus outbreak has over 3,516,997 active cases. It has quickly transformed the shape of general medicare practices, improving how health care is accessed and apportioned to ensure coronavirus’s virulence is limited to a minimum. These circumstances have enhanced the willingness for general medicare consultations to be performed virtually (Phone/Video Consultation). People nowadays are looking for more ease, and they rely on the internet for all of their essential tasks.

With a kind gesture to help people of the nation, Lovely Professional University has tied up with over 100+ doctors from India and the United States of America from different specialties who provide their services to humankind for free in these challenging times.

The coronavirus & the online medicare consultations

Online doctor consultations offer the possibility of receiving top-notch tailored feedback from premier doctors across the globe. Patients can receive expert medical advice in an instant regardless of where they are. For a bedridden patient who requires consultation at frequent intervals, virtual consultation could be a viable option. People who live in areas beyond the reach of physicians can benefit significantly from virtual medicare consultations.

In a virtual medicare consultation, anonymity is paramount. We can interact and get expert advice from doctors we have never met. The best part of an online doctor appointment is privacy; no one can know anything unless you wish to. Several sites and applications offer online doctor consultations like Practo and Tata Health.

But why go anywhere else when Lovely Professional University has got you covered with premiere doctors from India & the United States of America? And the best part it’s all complimentary!

The coronavirus & the online medicare consultations

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While visiting a physician in person, people often find it challenging to address their health concerns. In this scenario, virtual consulting gives them the possibility of disclosing their concerns anonymously. This is good news for those who seek help with mental health issues and don’t want to discuss it openly.

Virtual medicare consultation is probably the best option available if you suspect you might have caught the virus accidentally. After getting a chance to interact with a doctor virtually, you should elaborate on your symptoms clearly and honestly (Protip: Note down your symptoms beforehand). You should jolt down and strictly follow the remedies that the physician suggested you.

The most important thing: You should never google your symptoms and make conclusions on your own as it might lead to unwanted stress and anxiety, leading to mental burnouts.

Stay home and stay safe! And, when out, do wear a mask over your mouth and nose.