In a testament to academic excellence, innovation and career guidance School of Computer Science organised a Techfluence by esteemed invited speakers. In the world of rising innovative technology, speakers tried to enlighten technocrats with their words of wisdom. In this Techfluence we have Abhishek Kumar Engineering Manager at Google to Saumya Singh Software Engineer. They put more emphasis on cascading valuable insights into the practical aspects of the tech industry. Offering insightful knowledge on the constantly changing realm of technology, the speaker showcased a wide variety of experiences and specialties.

Google Engineering Manager Abhishek Kumar’s thought-provoking talk was one of the event’s highlights. At Google, he leads two software engineering teams responsible for developing scalable distributed software products. As an ENGINEERING Manager, one of his top priorities is mentoring the team members and students to achieve their full potential. The aspiring technocrats in attendance were enlightened by his abundance of experience and knowledge. Along with discussing the most recent developments in technology, Abhishek also underlined the value of creativity and lifelong learning in this rapidly evolving field.

Software engineering rising star Saumya Singh enthralled the technocrats in the audience with her tale of transformation from student to accomplished professional. Saumya is helping champs to monetize their presence on the internet. She is helping Champs to shine and grow in his entrepreneurship journey. Saumya was honored with the International Women In Opensource Academic Award in 2020. Her narrative, which emphasized the value of tenacity and passion, offered hope to those forging their routes in the tech industry for those paving their paths in the tech sector, her story highlighted the importance of perseverance and passion, and provided hope.

As the speakers ignited minds with experiences and knowledge, palpable energy filled the air. The student’s left energy filled the air. The student left the event with a renewed sense of purpose and determination to excel in the ever-evolving; world of technology. In Conclusion, The Event left an indelible impact on the aspiring technocrats who now carry the torch of inspiration as they embark on their journey in the dynamic field of technology. In embracing competence, creativity, and the joy of acquiring knowledge, Techfluence not only energized the next generation of technocrats but also served as an instance of the life-changing impact of thoughts and ideas