“Everybody is a genius, but if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” – Albert Einstein

No two people are alike. Everybody is intelligent in their own way. It is a well-established research that some people are more right-brained and some are more left brained. The left brain governs logic, Mathematics and speech, while the right brain is artistic and imaginative. The left-brained people are more logical, while the right-brained are more creative. But do not let this classification of right brain and left brain limit you, because the brain can grow, and intelligence can be increased. You might as well be using a balanced amount of both the left and the right brain, hence making you creative as well as logical. Choosing a career in which you can perform your best is rewarding. If creativity is your key skill, here’s a list of careers that can prove advantageous.

Fashion Design: Do you enjoy playing with colours? Do you mix and match your outfits? Do you see a dress and can spot what should be better in it within a fraction of a second? Take a course that helps you learn latest technologies like computer-aided design and get yourself industry ready. Your imaginative mind will act as a bonus here!

Fashion Design LPU Courses

Graphics, Games and Multimedia: Companies heavily rely on websites for business leading to a huge rise in career opportunities for a graphic designer. In addition to creativity, excellent problem-solving skills would give you a competitive edge if you want to make a career in gaming.

Film and TV Production: Storytelling is an art only a handful can master. Choose a school that bolsters your creativity skills. In addition to creativity, this field requires the ability to guide others, as well as financial skills. If you think you are creative and can guide and manage a team by making them understand your ideas, then a career in Film and TV Production will prove promising to you.

Writing: A career in writing is booming and is expected to continue growing in the future. A range of options is available to make a career in writing from news report articles to freelancing. You can also run your own blogging website and be your own boss. Choosing the right college will give you the right head start you need for your career.

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If you cannot find your ideal career, don’t panic and just keep looking. There’re numerous examples of famous people who started their careers after their 30th birthday, broke all conventions and made their mark in the world.