Online courses are trending nowadays. Millennials prefer relaxing at home and learning at their own pace using a laptop and desktop. The idea to achieve a college degree at home is taking students out of college and putting them inside a closed room in front of a screen.

Technology has made everything easily accessible and made our lives easy. But we are lagging beneficial learnings and interpersonal skills that can be learned from real-world exposure only. Researchers prefer classroom teaching as it impacts both students and teachers. Plenty of reasons make us believe that online courses are not as beneficial as on-campus learning is.

Let’s dive into the benefits of on-campus learning that online learning finds hard to replace:-

  • Learning collaboration from collaborative learning: Learning from a friend who has better clarity of concept and teaching someone in a classroom is possible only with on-campus learning. Student’s self -awareness increases in a classroom environment. It enables them to understand learning methods used by other students. Students from the classroom transform themselves into enthusiastic learners. This enthusiasm keeps their learning easy and effective for the whole life.
  • Organizational Skills! Must have for Graduates: In a corporate world, you are responsible for reaching office on time and planning for meetings. Employers often pick candidates with good self-organization skills. Either you are staying in a hostel or coming from home you are responsible to reach college on time and organize your college work. You are accountable for completing assignments on time, preparing for in-class discussions and studying for class tests. Also, you would be working on group projects that transform you as a team player and teaches you various aspects of team-work.
  • Critical Thinking requires opinions and arguments: As we are heading towards the more crucial social responsibilities, critical thinking plays a major role. Studying online does not challenge your opinions, thus you will lag in critical thinking. But on campus, you meet various people from different culture and mindset. The discussion and communication you have with them will force you to use critical thinking to express opinions and arguments.
  • Social, Personal and Career Building Skills: While studying in a college you will experience social interactions with peers and you will establish lifetime relations with friends. You will build rapport with teachers. You will also learn to choose people right for you and build a community with the like-minded people. Social development is a very important aspect that you cannot learn while sitting behind the screen.

On-campus you will acquire conflict management skills, confidence, and presentation skills, as you present your ideas in front of a class. You will develop team spirit as you go along with students from different cultural background. On-campus experiences shape students in every aspect of life and help them grow and mature emotionally.

Time is moving rapidly with the advancement in technology, but there are some things that should remain unchanged. Education must see advancements but abolishing classroom culture is not a good idea. Though online learning enables people to learn at their own pace, the value it instils in a human is a real less. Education obtained from campus is more valuable.

A campus like Lovely Professional University provides the overall development to students. From academics to co-curricular, to sports, it is providing advanced training and equipment to learn from. With facilities like an indoor stadium, established labs, and students from more than 70 countries, it is one of the best campuses providing holistic development to students.