“Friends are the family you choose.” ~ Jess C. Scott

You must have wondered what a college student’s life feels like. Well, we too wondered before last Saturday’s legendary evening. All the memories of that fear of leaving home became the nostalgia of leaving the university. Teachers used to say, “School is your second home.” We seldom would have felt this way but since Saturday it has become a fact. How would you want your last day of university to be? I would say I want to spend it with my loved ones a.k.a friends who have supported me throughout my journey.

Conveying the same spirit, Lovely Professional University gave the best farewell to the batch of 2023. The whole commencement ceremony celebrated the companionship of the vertos. It started with relatable performances from fellow vertos, giving tribute to the college life that we all have lived. The performances were really fun to witness. To top that, K-Pop Fever took over by a storm where famous K-Pop artists like AOORA and DJ FRIDAYYY performed Bollywood songs with a blend of K-Pop.

The vertos were exhilarated and pumped to start a new journey with a zeal to change the world. All the graduates were scribbling and reminiscing their memories of the university and the learnings. Most importantly, they were recalling the companionship which they found in an otherwise big place that made their world better.

After the rocking performances by DJ Fridayyy and Aoora, the most awaited EDM night started. The EDM night by Forever 21 where DJ Ojo played the tracks that forced the vertos’ feet to dance on the beats. The tracks made the vertos feel the energy and the journey ahead.

As the night came to an end, everyone felt the bittersweet feeling of leaving their second home. But the memories they made with their friends and loved ones will stay with them forever. The farewell ceremony was a reminder that the friendships made at Lovely Professional University would last a lifetime, and the bond between the vertos would remain strong even after they part ways.

The ceremony was not just a celebration of the graduating batch, but also a celebration of the community that they had built together. It was a testament to the fact that the friends we make along the way truly become the family we choose.

Once a verto stays a verto, and the spirit of the university will always be a part of them.