Our journeys are unique, our time zones are different yet in its midst of joy when you are about to share the incredible story. Like any other child, my childhood has been a blissful one throughout with lots of surprises filled with morals and values. Being the oldest one, the journey has been full of madness and craziness yet scolded by parents because they want to see me go sky high in my life.

Divya had the best school life which had elements of madness, sincerity, discipline. Someone who won’t sit back in one place and hop from one place to another. When I look back on my school days, it brings me on the same page because of the love for participation I had like her. With intense competition my school days very hectic one laying the firm foundation of my life.

There have been plenty of difficulties as far as the bond of my family throughout, but what has kept us together is love blossoming amongst each other. There are 10 people in my family with a younger brother studying on the 12th standard. One of the best parts is time spent with my cousins playing board games.

Life took a major turn when I had enrolled for Bachelor of Business Administration at GNDU when I had stood 3rd in the first year itself. She was like WOW because she didn’t expect it, but her hard work paid off. The fantastic run of success continued when I finished with 5th position in both 2nd year and 3rd year too. When I look, those days of attention to my success in 1st year bring butterflies in my stomach.


Self-belief and confidence have been the USP that has led me not to give up.

Divya is someone who can dance 24/7 because it gives her an additional dimension of life and calms her mind too. According to her, dance is a therapy that can bring plenty of energy in one’s life. Apart from that, she loves reading books too.

Some of her achievements under Divya’s cabinet are:-

  • House Captain in 10th standard
  • 1st Prize in cutlery competition
  • 1st Prize in her inter-school dance
  • 1st Prize in Ad Mad competition
  • Best Smile Prize in Fashion show competition

She took Masters because she wanted to explore the opportunities and become independent and that’s what Divya is all at the moment. Her choice to come down to Lovely Professional University was in a destiny although she had planned to move to Delhi.


Grand, Awestruck, Diversity amongst people & cultures, Exposure, Faculties support, Live Projects and Placements. Above are all the factors why she chooses Lovely Professional University and as an author each of them of standing true.

Her Journey as a Verto at Lovely Professional University has been incredible with 5-minute presentations, the hectic schedule being the part of her life. What made her one step ahead was being a part of Brainmasters club as a Co-ordinator. With her sheer skills of brilliance, she became Head of Marketing.

The impact of club activities on her Personal Development are:-

  • Time Management skills
  • Team Player skills
  • Event Management skills
  • Marketing skills

Appreciation from HOD of Analytical skills for 300 registrations for an event stands a landmark moment of my life.

One would feel astonished to see a candidate turning up late for a recruitment drive yet coming out of an interview with an offer in hand but Divya’s determination made it happen and too for a company you had given introduction for.

The understanding of Finance, Marketing and Analytical skills is a complete must when you are about to appear for Federal Bank.


What helped Divya nailing the drive?

  • Confidence – Even though her analytical skills were weak, but still she passed the obstacle because of confidence.
  • Practice – Since our first semester we had to dig deep and learn the art of Group Discussion and this paid off.
  • Composure – When we reach the last round we get nervous because we lose our composure at that moment. What we need to make sure is that we need to answer the questions related to your club activities, internship experience, job location and finance like a conversation we do with our friend.

As an author when I got placed in Medtrail, the above qualities played a very major role too.

To sum up, the message that Divya wants to share with her juniors:

Like Virat Kohli who’s chase master, one should have the appetite to chase his or her dreams with the same intent and never stop growing because there is always room for improvement.