Lovely Professional University’s undergraduate student, Lena Maria Martin is embracing the world-level education in Turība University, Latvia, with 100% tuition fee waiver under the semester exchange program. Lena Maria Martin is a third-year student of Bachelors in Computer Application (Hons.). She has always been active in various extra curriculum activities. She holds a certain passion towards her education and has also honed skills in places like event management and public speaking in various university level events. She has been part of prominent of organizations like United Nations Youth Community which has helped her throughout her journey to manage and learn more things. According to her, “The process makes us capable of the achievements we achieve.”

The largest private university in the Baltics, here, in Turība University, knowledge goes hand in hand with practical skills – a combination highly appreciated by employers. It is said that they inspire young people to be enterprising and implement their ideas, as well as encourage them to work internationally. The university implements more than 20 study programs. Young people from more than 40 countries around the world study at Turība University.

The world is changing at a fast pace. So everybody has to keep updating themselves in order to become successful. Students are also required to have interpersonal skills along with expertise in the field. Hence, it is important for them to gain exposure and make connections to an extent that doesn’t make them vulnerable and outdated. That is how LPU makes sure that its students are getting the edge and are growing to their fullest potential.

LPU has tie-ups with top international institutes and they provide the most vivid opportunity of doing semester exchange with universities at 100% tuition waiver. This way LPU is exposing the students to international cultures. You can also register for the same by visiting block 32, room 310.