Lovely Professional University welcomed Aman Gupta, Co-founder, and Chief Marketing Officer of the renowned electronics company boAt for an exclusive conversational event BOAT-ing to Success. The event was planned to encourage students to engage in entrepreneurial activities, gain knowledge, and develop their skills.

Aman Gupta discussed his experience of starting a business, including the challenges he encountered and the solutions he found to overcome them. He encouraged the students to take risks and pursue their aspirations, even though it may initially seem difficult. Throughout his discussion, Aman emphasized the significance of putting in a lot of effort, maintaining a positive attitude, and being dedicated to the path of becoming an entrepreneur. He described how he and his team toiled for a long time to develop a brand that could successfully compete with more established companies in the market. He also discussed the importance of having a distinct vision and a strong team that can work together to achieve that vision.

Aman’s path to entrepreneurship began with the realization that the electronics industry in India was dominated by foreign brands and that there was a need for a local brand that could cater to the needs of the Indians. This realization was the impetus for Aman to begin his journey into entrepreneurship. Aman went so far as to get a job as an employee at Harman International, one of the most successful businesses in the earphone industry, to gain an in-depth understanding of the complexities of the earphone market. There, Aman gained insight into the challenges that Indian customers faced, which motivated him to start his own business. He discussed how boAt has used technological advancements to develop products that are tailored to the requirements of the Indian market, as well as how the brand has established a strong online presence through social media marketing and other digital techniques.

Do What Floats Your Boat - Aman Gupta, CEO boAt

During the event, one of the students asked Aman about the difficulties he faced while starting his business. He responded by saying that the beginning of boAt’s journey presented him with several challenges that he had to overcome, such as convincing investors to believe in their vision, forming a strong team, and developing a product that could compete with established brands in the market. However, they never gave up hope and continued to move forward.

The students were inspired to pursue their goals after hearing about Aman Gupta’s experiences as an entrepreneur and his journey to creating boAt. They took advantage of the opportunity presented by his visit to engage in conversation with a successful businessperson and gain insights from his experiences. Such events help shape the future of students and contribute to the growth of the entrepreneurial ecosystem in the country.