The Department of Performing Arts at LPU is one of the most dynamic and vibrant departments of the university. It is known for its innovative and creative approach to teaching and learning. The Department of Performing Arts, in collaboration with the Division of Student Welfare, has put together an incredible showcase of talent – Rangmanch 2023, that left the audience spellbound. It is an annual performing arts festival that took place at Lovely Professional University campus last week from April 17-19, 2023.

The festival featured an array of performances including plays, dance, music, and stand-up comedy. The highlight of the festival was the powerful plays “Shaheed” and “Kanjoos“, which were performed by the university’s students. The performances were not only entertaining but also thought-provoking, highlighting important social issues.

“Shaheed”, a play based on the life of Bhagat Singh, one of the most influential revolutionaries of the Indian independence movement, left the audience teary-eyed. The play beautifully captured the spirit of patriotism and sacrifice, and the actors brought the story to life with their exceptional performances. “Kanjoos”, on the other hand, was a light-hearted play that made the audience laugh out loud. The play revolved around a miserly man and his antics, and the actors’ comic timing and delivery were on point. Apart from these plays, the festival also featured mesmerizing dance performances by the students, who showcased their skills in various dance forms including contemporary, hip-hop, and classical. The musical performances were equally impressive, with the students singing and playing various instruments with finesse. The festival also had a stand-up comedy night, which was a hit among the audience. The comedians had everyone in splits with their hilarious jokes and witty one-liners.

The success of Rangmanch 2023 can be attributed to the hard work and dedication of the students and faculty of the Department of Performing Arts. The festival provided a platform for the students to showcase their talent and hone their skills, and it also gave them an opportunity to learn from experienced professionals in the field. The festival was a celebration of art and culture, and it highlighted the immense talent and creativity of the students at Lovely Professional University.

We can’t wait to see what Rangmanch 2024 has in store for us!