Every year, the Global Youth Leadership Summit 2021 is organized which was held in Kathmandu, Nepal from 18 to 21 November 2021. On this occasion, the Global Youth Parliament has rewarded “Global Youth Leadership Award 2021”, “The Emerging Leader Award 2021” and “YouthEntrepreneurship Award 2021”, to those who contribute, acknowledge and celebrate outstanding contributions in the sector of youth leadership, peace, non-violence, innovation, social justice, empowerment, human rights, entrepreneurship, tourism, SDGs and Democracy.

For the last few years, Global Youth Parliament has been honoring dynamic personalities from diverse fields with awards. With clear instruction and selection procedures, the Award has been given to the individuals that have contributed immensely in their respective countries and societies politically, socially or economically. With a strict set of rules and guidelines, GYP declares the awardees after receiving recommendations from the selection committee. It is the world’s premier award and the award was presented to them in the inaugural ceremony of the “Global Youth Leadership Summit 2021” on 19th November.

With all the excitement and happiness, we share that one of our Vertos, Mr. Sm Sammam Sakti Ibn Sahadat, a student of B.Tech Mechanical Engineering, has been honored with the “Global Youth Leadership Award 2021“. The award was given by the Vice President of Nepal Mr. Nand Kishor Pun. The selection was made after vigorous research and careful observation through the GYP selection committee actively working for the sole purpose of identifying the best and brightest deserving candidates from around the world.

We congratulate Sm Sammam Sakti Ibn Sahadat on his remarkable achievement and wish him the best for his future endeavors.