Purpose, like a sunbeam of direction, is what we need,

To achieve success we need to sow a seed.

There should be a mighty goal being a motive of your life because that’s what ends into a giant stride. There has to be a fire in your belly engulfed into a passion that culminates into action. You take any breakthrough story, you will find a target because that’s how you grow day by day and become a better version of yourself in every verse.

If you take an example of a 6-time world champion, a boxer that has made her country proud by letting the flag of India rise high every time she has knocked her opponents. A vision in her eyes for which she went against her father because she knew she was taking a different path which is often less travelled.


It’s her passion that has made MC MARY KOM reach where she is today. Likewise, they are plenty of such passionate people who have done big in spite of hustles they have gone through.

It’s only the hustle of your life that can make great,

Just like fiery molten lit up oneself without a wait.

We all are super graced for what we are blessed with but have we ever thought for a millisecond. In this fast-paced world with neck to neck competition everywhere, people fail to take the time out to think upon the purpose they are here for. That’s something everyone should ponder upon it.

So here are the ways through which you can enlighten the purpose of your life so let’s get delve into it together.

Believe that You Are Special and Unique 


Comparisons are what people focus on these days, but they forget the fact: no two fingers are the same. We need to understand that every single individual is different, real, distinctive and possesses something enlightening that no other can be blessed with.

Keep the Smile On 

These days within a second smile evaporates from life as soon as any problem strikes. See, it’s important that we should keep a smile on, no matter how tough our life has been. When you smile, you take one step forward to smash away the problem and accept the same with grace which helps you in overcoming it.

So next time you find yourself in any problem, just widen your lips and smile from the core of your heart.