Much of college education happens outside the classroom. The college experience includes not just lectures, practices, exams or your casual life but extracurricular as well. A new college semester is about to start and as students everywhere are enjoying their winter vacations, many are also looking forward to having an upgraded college life in the new year. We make bucket lists, plan our year forward, set goals but very often fail to practically implement the efforts required to achieve them. We all plan on having busy days with productive work that’ll help us be successful in future and participate in the co-curricular circle is an important part of that.

5 Reasons Why Should be an active member of DSW

Apart from the core academics, these activities complement your learning and support emotional, intellectual, social, creative, moral and physical development. You’ll meet people with same interests, develop your personality and enjoy the social buzz of working in a growing environment.

Lovely Professional University has the Division of Student Welfare to support students with their diverse interests. This building is where every student channelizes their passions ranging from dance, singing, NSS, TV production to sports and event management. DSW has more than 50 diverse clubs, numerous organizations and sports organizations that give students a chance to perform and expand their skills. This new year, we’ll give you 5 reasons to sign up for and unleash your potential in DSW –

  1. Relationship building and improving social skills

    Join a club, get to know other members, share and learn about what it’s all about and eventually, you will develop greater communication skills that will help you further in your life.
    5 Reasons Why Should be an active member of DSW

  2. Explore a plethora of Interests  

    You might join up being interested in one thing and realize that there’s so much more you want to try your hands on. It will also help you decide what to take up in future and what your skills are.
    5 Reasons Why Should be an active member of DSW

  1. Develop self – esteem and confidence

    Not everyone can score an A grade in academics. Some of us are more talented in other activities and may have different skills. DSW with its diverse areas can help you grow confidence and hone your interests.

  1. Learn Time Management and Structure

    Committing to work on a project or joining the sports club will give you’re messed up the routine a structure. You’ll learn to block chunks of unproductive time and make it useful. You’ll also have to meet deadlines, work under pressure or sometimes multi-task. These are important skills you’ll need to get a job and you’ll not have to struggle then.

  1. Social and Emotional connectivity

    Once you start working with a group of people, you’ll realize how much fun it is to interact and share experiences than sulk alone in your dorm room. It will relieve you off of stress, anxiety, and depression as you’re surrounded by people who are going through the same. You can talk about your day and relate to the problems and just laugh them off. Trust me; it’ll actually be the best part of your day!

5 Reasons Why Should be an active member of DSW

Every year Division of Student Welfare announce and organize hundreds of events and cultural shows. This demands a lot of skilled hands on deck and membership recruitments are very often conducted for the same. Check your UMS announcement or visit Block 13 for more information. You can sign up anytime and introduce yourself to the new dimension of college life today!