The induction for the freshmen began on a positive note with the apprentices greeting the anchors and welcoming esteemed dignitaries from the India Network: CEO Mr. Rahul Narvekar and COO Ms. Himani Bhagat, a well-known name in design. During the event, the new freshmen learned about the value of the rising sun, and after lighting the auspicious lamp, the guests interacted with the students and their parents, who were invited by Pro-Vice-Chancellor Mr. Lovi Raj Gupta. This is a beautiful example of welcoming new apprentices.

Ms. Bhagat spoke to the youth about not only dreaming about their goals but also working towards them. She emphasized the importance of having at least two more goals to work on so that they have options in the future. Both guests discussed the value of money and society. Mr. Narvekar, the guest speaker, shared his life experiences and taught the students about the 3 Cs: Content, Context, and Community. The students were then given the opportunity to ask questions, which were answered satisfactorily by the guests. The new students asked practical questions, which were resolved to their satisfaction. The guests motivated the apprentices and gave a suggestion to stay positive under any circumstances if they want to reach the zenith of their life goals. These motivating speeches actually make the students think off and on.

LPU always strives to give the best to their family, and the guests mingled with the students without any airs despite their high profile. The Pro-Vice-Chancellor, Mr. Lavi Raj Gupta, felicitated the guests.

Later in the evening, a cultural program was organized, which showcased the talent of LPU. The seniors organized a salutation program to get acquainted with the new novices. The comic skit made the audience laugh, and the dance performance and mesmerizing songs left them tranquilized. The talented artists were applauded and cheered by the onlookers. The new students and their parents enjoyed the evening and appreciated the LPU family for taking such exhilarating steps to make the freshmen feel at home.

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