Are you interested in playing games on your computers, consoles, and even on your mobile phones? Have you ever wondered how these games are made? Well, today I would like to tell you about what Game Design is and how you can opt for this course at LPU.

Game Design at LPU

The Game Design sits under the broader field of video game development and refers to the use of creativity and design to develop a game for entertainment or educational purposes. It involves creating compelling stories, characters, goals, rules and challenges that drive interactions with other characters, users or objects.

I, a student of Game Design, was always interested in making games and after completing high school studies, I was thinking about going to a foreign country to study the same. But then I came to know about LPU and it was providing studies in the same field and hence the only university in India to give degree programs in the field of game design. At LPU, you can opt for either a 3-year course or a 4-year one which includes an internship as well.

Game Design at LPU

Now you might ask a question about what is required for being a successful game designer. And the answer which I’ll give you will be, first of all, only opt for this course if you are really passionate about gaming and the only skill which is required majorly are your creativity skills. More the creative and innovative ideas you have, the more successful game designers you can become. Apart from this, for studying this course at LPU you just need a 12+ qualification with 50% above percentage.

During the years of Game Designing at LPU, you’ll learn all the basics of Multimedia, Story Writing, Game Art, Modeling, and Game Mechanics & Coding.

I believe this course and game development is still new to India and thus it has wide career opportunities ahead. The industry is growing and I think more and more Indian students should opt for it. Also, I believe with LPU this gets very easy as the university provides a lot of other opportunities such as visits from people from industry, workshops, and also the placement cell helps in placing students.

I believe LPU should be applauded for bringing such a course in this country where it was very highly required. Many people still don’t know about this field and how actually game making can also be hectic and a long process. I think awareness about it is required throughout the country.