Data structures and algorithms play a major role in implementing software. Competitive programming is like a brain game which tests your problem-solving skills from basic to advanced level. It provides knowledge to find the easiest solution in the quickest possible way.

One of the prestigious student organizations Club Illuminati in collaboration with Coding Ninjas organized a workshop named CODING BOOTCAMP.

coding bootcamp

Parikh Jain, an instructor and product engineer at Coding Ninjas, was the facilitator of this workshop. He is popularly known as the “Ninja” of competitive coding. More than 200 students attended this workshop. Mr. Jatinder Vohra, Head of Centre for Professional Enhancement, was the chief guest of this event. His motivated the students to learn and think beyond the box.

coding bootcamp

The workshop was all about discussion and sharing knowledge on the most trending topics of programming: Data Structures, Algorithm, and Competitive Programming.

The first day was all about brain teaser, questions on arrays, basics of recursion, etc. which also include top and best programming puzzle questions that are often asked in a technical interview. For example, generate the desired random number with equal probability. Mr Jain discussed various data structures like stack, linked list, queues etc. and also gave tips on how to crack bigwig’s interviews.

coding bootcamp

The second day discussed how to solve and approach a problem in competitive programming in a limited time. Advanced recursion problem and basics of dynamic programming were also discussed.

All the students were provided with participation certificates along with goodies, bags, t-shirts, etc. The workshop enabled students to learn and explore new concepts and technologies in their field of interest.