People with glasses you are brave and courageous. Why? Because you suffer from all those unbearably repetitive problems and others have no idea of your ordeal. Those who are wondering why here’s why-

  1. You can’t wear a helmet properly

Glasses become so integrated into your life that it is forgotten that they are an external part. That’s exactly what happens when we people with glasses forget to remove them and TRY to wear a helmet which obviously gets stuck in between, squeezing your poor nose painfully in the process.

  1. You can’t wear a Sun Glasses without having to forgo the gift of sight.

This is one of the many things which you just helplessly give up. Somehow when you can’t see properly, your sense of hearing also decreases a bit (Well for most people). Most probably it is psychological. You have to give up both just to wear sunglasses and that is something I personally find not a likable bargain.

  1. The photo issue.

With glasses on, you become pretty good reflective flash way to take a picture.

  1. You just cannot keep them anywhere

If you take them off and even for a second keep it on the sofa or the floor while sleeping or sitting, be sure that it would be stamped upon or sat on. God help that person who comes under the line of fire. Glasses are taken care off as carefully as a baby.

  1. 3D glasses are your nightmares.

If you think that people with glasses won’t have an issue enjoying the 3d movies, then you couldn’t be farther away from the truth. It is difficult to adjust your glasses under the 3d glasses and be able to see well at the same time. Otherwise, everything is blurred. Another option is wearing contacts if you are comfortable with them.

  1. Rain

I think that was pretty self-descriptive

  1. Endless teasing

This can just never end. It’s like the classic tease of all ages and ages to come.

But there are some positives too like glasses make you look like a nerd, and also attractive. They’re a part of you and your “looks” wouldn’t be complete without them.

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