“That’s one small step for your parents, one giant leap for you”. This post is for those aspiring to do a Masters in Business Administration in LPU. Be warned engineers, MBA is not as easy as you think.

The Mittal School of Business is built on professionalism. I was quite impressed when I took the big jump this January. It’s a knowledge hub in its own unique way. Its culture is entirely different from those of the other schools and responsibility is valued the most.

The decision of continuing under the Dual/Integrated Degree B.Tech-MBA has to be made in your sixth semester (3/6). The difference between the Dual and Integrated option is that the duration of the course is reduced by 2 academic semesters for the latter, giving you an advantage of completing your B.Tech and MBA in 5 years while for the former 6 years. The most important thing to be understood is that the lack of 1 year in an Integrated Degree will not affect the course contents of both your B.Tech and MBA. There will be a merger of both the courses in your 7th semester wherein you will be completing your B.Tech along with a few basic subjects of MBA. While for those looking for a Dual Degree, no worries, you’ll be entitled to a complete 8 semesters for B.Tech and 4 for MBA.

I’ll shed a little light on the specializations offered in the Mittal School of Business. You will be asked to choose two specializations among the following.

Finance, Marketing, Human Resources, Operations, International Business, Business Analytics, Strategy, Entrepreneurship, Information Technology, Agribusiness Management, Hospital and Health Management, Retail Management and Sales Management and many more. You will find a detailed course plan in your UMS-> UMS Navigation-> LMS-> Program Scheme. It’s my advice to do a little research on all the specializations before you make up your mind.

Also, communications skills have to be honed, since all of your CAs will be presentation-based. So, start taking your soft skills classes seriously. MBA is a fun course with a practical approach. The teachers are simply amazing and the one advice you’ll hear a number of times will be to build a habit to read the newspaper every day.

For those in their 6th semester, I hope you make a wise decision. “Help will always be given at the Mittal School of Business for those who ask for it”