Okay! You must be confused with the title but it’s true. Yes, you can become a member of the HAPPENINGS@LPU team and write the articles for your university blog. CLUB TWENTY is giving you the opportunity to get hired by the HAPPENINGS@LPU Team straight away!

But how is it so? HAPPENINGS is the official blog of LPU and CLUB TWENTY is one of the student organizations known for organizing sports events, then how? Actually, CLUB TWENTY is here with something exciting to spend your time well and good in this tedious and dull quarantine. It is organizing an event named ‘KHEL-E-TALASH’. This is a blog/article writing competition where you have to submit sports or/and travel-related blogs/articles either in English or Hindi.

Here are some of the parameters for the acceptance of your blog and winning the competition that you should know:

  1. Minimum word limit is 400 words
  2. Fresh content (no plagiarism)
  3. No/least grammatical errors
  4. Quality of the content
  5. Engagement in the content

Now about what the winners will get!

There will be four winners in total (based on the above-mentioned parameters); two English blog writers and two Hindi, one from each category i.e. sports and travel.

English blog winners will get their blogs published on LPU’s official blog HAPPENINGS@LPU (which you can find in your LPU Touch app too) with their names in the credit. These winners can join the HAPPENINGS team directly, without submitting the sample article! And you know what; you get paid for every article you write for HAPPENINGS! Yeah, CLUB TWENTY is providing you with the opportunity to be the freelance writers!

Coming to the HINDI blog winners, there will be two as mentioned above, one from each category and they will be getting exciting goodies when they’ll return to the campus!

Wait! There’s more, all the four winners will get featured on CLUB TWENTY’s official social media pages and they can join the organization as the content writers. Okay, now you can be recruited during the quarantine too!

Winners aren’t the only ones getting benefits from this event; other participants too, are going to get some of the benefits. Apart from winners, the ones with the well-written and non-plagiarized blogs can also get the chance to be hired directly by the HAPPENINGS@LPU!

When & How to Submit Your Work

  • First, register yourselves at https://tinyurl.com/khel-e-talash.
  • Then work on your chosen topic and submit it at clubtwentylpu@gmail.com on or before the 15th of April.
  • Submit your work in a word file (.doc/docx) and mention ‘KHEL-E-TALASH’ in the subject of your email.
  • Write your Name, Registration No, Contact No and Course in the email body along with your attached file.

Social Media Pages

Instagram: @clubtwenty.in

Twitter: @clubtwentyorg

Facebook: @clubtwenty.in

For queries, contact: 7015372587 (Girish)