‘Getting Acquainted’ is an opportunity for imminent students to access the university’s learning environment before induction. Entering higher education can be a strenuous experience for many scholars unsure of what to expect and in the weeks leading up to induction many of them find they have questions with no obvious answers.

Initially, it was seen as a reassurance for prospective sophomores and having the potential to assuage pressure during induction week; a traditionally busy period with extensive demands on staff and peeps.

Common traduces include timetables, reading lists, public transport, car sharing and parking facilities, and PGs. These queries have been used year after year to build a Frequently Asked Question bank. Many students use the discussion group as an opportunity to express concerns about entering higher education. Not only can the staff give reassurance but the students themselves support and encourage each other. Breathing also needs permission. Give them a chance and they prove themselves. This is the motive behind the preparations when handed over to the students.

We are delighted to welcome you to our University and excited by the return of our spirited campus life! The campus is full of preparations for the special day. Not only the seniors but also newbies are getting ready to cast their talent. Tutees are undoubtedly full of fresh ideas, they are into bringing new ideas into practice. Libraries, labs, classrooms, canteens, and gardens are all ready to be filled. To make the new generation feel at home the present is all geared up to welcome the future.

At LPU, the hustle and bustle of the boarders, and day scholars are bringing smiles to everyone’s face. The cluttering of ideas, the sounds of music, and drama rehearsals can be heard. Students are all in preparation for the ceremonial day. The heart of peeps is all the time in the campus activities as a result everyone is into preparations.