Have you ever wondered what would happen if the Earth stopped? Like, literally stopped spinning. Apart from the world being engulfed in partial darkness, normal life would come to a standstill. I wouldn’t put it down as standstill, rather a tumbling mass of everything that isn’t attached to the core of the Earth, spinning around like rag dolls at 1050 miles per hour.

There is only one way to survive this apocalypse. You will require the special ability to foresee this event and you’ll have to pack all the important stuff and migrate to either of the poles. When all the things that exist on this earth are spinning around like a top, you will be tucked away safely in the land of icy cold white mass.

what happens when earth stops spinning

You needn’t worry though, even if you don’t have superpowers. Rest assured that it is never going to happen.

The probability of such an event is practically zero. The Earth will never stop spinning. Even in a billion years from now, although it may slow down by seconds, it’ll never stop. There is no force out there in the empty space that is large enough to oppose the Earth’s spin.

A billion years into the future, the sun will consume all its fuel and will grow so hot that all the oceans on Earth will evaporate, leaving behind a scalding rocky ball.

The sun will then start to expand and slowly engulf the Earth which at this point will be completely vapourized that it no longer exists.

what happens when earth stops spinning

Even at this time, the Earth’s spin doesn’t stop. The momentum gets transferred to the sun, swirling it around for a bit. Until the sun expands and has consumed all the fuel and until it is left as a black dwarf, still spinning in the empty space. The Earth will be long gone, but our spin will live forever even after the death of our universe.