A frosty morning, with pale sunrays kissing the window pane, is made perfect with rejuvenating coffee. A cuppa you can sit nursing as you ponder upon yesterday, when cozied up in your quilt, you dreamt of just such a morning. It is 8th November today, the Cappuccino Day, so if this is your perfect morning, you’d better be reaching for a cup of that good stuff, no lattes and espressos today, and definitely no instant.

Cappuccino Day is celebrated every year on the 8th of November. But this is the second day of a work week, you say? Not a great time to celebrate anything? Well what better time could there be to appreciate coffee, I ask? There is, after all, nothing like a cappuccino to chase those work blues away.

So celebrate today with a large cup of this hot brew, made of espresso essence/extract, hot steamed milk, and topped with velvet milk foam, with a sprinkle of chocolate powder to finish. Sip it with your family at a round table discussion, or share it with your beloved at a cozy little square table. It would be extremely enjoyable at a large table with a boisterous gang of friends, but it would be best enjoyed alone, at a loveseat, gazing out a glass window, dreams in your eyes and a good book in your hands.

Happy Cappuccino Day, all you coffee loving Vertos. Go grab a cuppa and enjoy it your own unique way!