There comes a time when we are unable to figure out what exactly needs to be done so as to find the asset named “Happiness” in our lives. There was a time when I was fed up, demotivated and was craving for happiness in my life. This was when I, fortunately, met Mrs Shweta Bhardwaj, who is a counsellor at LPU. She was full of positivity and acted as a catalyst in my journey towards happiness. When she asked me about the reasons for my sad face, I replied, “Inability to find happiness”. Then, she asked me to recall one of the happiest moments of my life. I recalled all the facets and told her about my passion towards learning the English language and it made me really happy when she appreciated some of my poetry works.

To improve my skills further, she introduced me to Ms Vaishali Kalra who is an Asst. Professor at the university. I attended a session in her English Club in which she asked the participants to do a creative write-up on a phrase given by her. To her surprise and even my own, I was able to write a poem on it and showed it to her. I can never forget her words of praise for my poetry. She said, “This is really amazing, I loved it. Why don’t you practice poetry? You have such a unique talent gifted by God!” In wanting to hear those words of praise again, I wrote a poem again the next day and showed it to her.

Trust me, the true meaning of words lies in writing and not speaking. I discovered a new talent in myself that I can write really amazing poems. This takes me back to an incident when everyone in my class was asked to write poetry and I was able to write a well-furnished poem in 10 minutes with a proper rhyming scheme and poetic elements in it. But back then, I didn’t think much about it and thought it was just a lucky day. Joining college and being mentored by amazing teachers and counsellors changed the way I look at my talents.

It was after one year when I was sullen and lost and these two people at LPU helped me as God had sent them to uplift me. Initially, I wrote so that my words could express what I couldn’t. As time went by, sadness left me slowly and I treaded forwards on this new path of writing poetry.


Today the two women who helped me are not together but I see a new person in myself. When I look back I see long sleepless nights but I was brave enough to stand up and run my life with a new boost. Between the flight of the night, I find myself happy with the presence of a new mate (poetry) in my life.

“The only time one can find themselves is when one is suffering from hardships.”

Karnal, Haryana

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