The heightened pressure to impress, nervous monologues, and constantly sweating palms make the first day at a first job worrisome. But don’t overthink, it is very normal for an employee to feel a mixture of excitement and anxiety on the big day. The best way may sound very simple but completely works, it is ‘to do the best you can’. Take off the pressure because nobody expects you to change the face of the company in one day. Set up your game plan, drink some coffee for the anxiety and read these guidelines to get going.

Dress Up Like A Boss

Yes, I am talking about the “first impression is the last impression” thing, but the fun fact is that it still works pretty much great. Don’t dress too business-like but also not too informal. If you have a uniform, just add pretty touches to it (keeping in mind your dress-code) which will add a little personality and make you stand out. The motto here is to stand out, feel confident and shine off your personality on your first day.

Tips for First Day at First Job

Arrive Before the Time

Arrive 15 minutes before your regular time on the first day. It’s an important tip because arriving early means that you will get some time to soak in the environment of the place you are going to work in. It is also best because you can have a word with the HR, fill out the paperwork, get your ID and start working without any disturbances.

Always Bring a Notebook and a Pen

Tips for First Day at First Job

This is a very common mistake that many employees make on their first day. When you will be given your responsibilities, your mentor/boss will give your certain time-codes, rules, to-dos or just the wifi password for the office internet. If you think you can note it down in your memory and remember it, you are very wrong. Writing down information does the brain-mapping for you and is easier.

Do Your Research

Any background reading about the company you are joining before you start will help you a lot with getting a grasp on the job. Jump online and read about the company so that you can prepare yourself. No matter how little it is, having some information will help you a lot.

Tips for First Day at First Job

Listen as well as Talk

You are new that means you have a lot of catching up to do. Listen carefully to every single instruction they throw your way and note if necessary. But the most important thing is to talk too. If you don’t communicate, it will give them insufficient information to work with you. Ask any questions like where is the coffee machine or anything even if you think it’s not cool. It’s better than finding out the machine doesn’t work after hitting it for 20 minutes.

Hey, it’s your first day, at a job you scored from your hard work, it’s the next big step, so, it’s supposed to be nerve-wracking. Enjoy the moment, don’t be too awkward because not you, but everyone experiences this and lives just fine. Think of it as your chance to climb up the ladder and finally achieve all your dreams (and shopping) that you wanted since childhood.